Georgie's Journey - part XI

Posted on Mar 03, 2017

Ready and Raring To Go!

Well, we have kept up our busy winter with lots of outings this month.

We had a great day out with some of the horses jumping at West Wilts! It was lovely having CAPTAIN FUTURE out jumping again for the first time in nearly a year!!! And I think the star of the show was SAN SOLO who is showing us what an exciting future he is going to have. He just needs to realise he doesn't need to keep showing off with how high he can jump! Thank you to my two girls Tui and Jane for standing out in the freezing rain doing fences!!! Your'e both so good to me!!!

georgie spence

Back to dressage and a couple to great days at West Wilts doing British Dressage with my dressage divas! SAN SOLO won the Prelim and was 2nd in the Novice with 73%. CALVIN won the Novice, COOLEY LEGALAND and CAPTAIN FUTURE 2nd in Elementary on different days. And then BLUSTEREN and CAPTAIN FUTURE competed in their first Medium finishing 2nd and 3rd with 67% which were great results.

georgie spence

Next up was a trip out cross-country schooling and two days at Boomarang. Everyone at the yard got to have a play on grass over cross-country fences and the horses felt fab and ready for the season! Another  big shout out to Jane and Tu for having everything ready, even in the horrible rain (again) on the day, thank-you ladies! Star of the day has to be SAN SOLO, who although has done less than any other horse in the yard jumped all the tough combinations without a batting an eyelid, a huge prospect for the future!!! 

We then had superstar dressage ponies at Summerhouse. A very competitive day, as it was a pre regionals warm up and we had more like 30 in each class rather than the usual 5-10, but the boys seriously held their own. CALVIN won the Novice on 71.9%, SAN SOLO on 71.3% and COOLEY LEGALAND 3rd on 69%. Then COOLEY LEGALAND and CALVIN finished 2nd and 6th in the Elementary in the spooky new indoor school! Very pleased with the boys!! CAPTAIN FUTURE won the gold section in the Elementary on 69% and also won overall and then went on to win only his second Medium test. BLUSTEREN won the silver section of the Elementary on 68% and was 2nd overall. And HALLTOWN HARLEY finished top 5 in both the Elementary and Medium classes!!!

We had a great day jumping at Summerhouse (my first trip BSJA in 2017 and my gosh I have missed it!) Sadly I had all the horses competing on a ticket as I have been concentrating on BD this winter. COOLEY LEGALAND was a bit spooky, pretending he was a 4yo who had never been out, but he jumped well with a double clear in the Newcombers and rolled a pole rolled in the 1.15m Open. CALVIN II was a super star, jumping a lovely double clear in both the Newcombers and 1.15m Open and would have won both classes.BLUSTEREN however, felt incredible, an easy double clear in the 1.20m and 1.30m. He would have been 2nd in the 1.20m and would have won the 1.30m.CAPTAIN FUTURE was on his first jumping show in 10 months and after an interesting first attempt he jumped a lovely double clear HC in the 1.20m and then he popped easily around the 1.30m, just rolling the last fence.
We all felt a little rusty, but it was great to be out jumping!!!

georgie spence

Its not long now, only a couple of days until the 2017 event season properly gets under way and we are ready and raring to go!

Georgie x

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Here it is #mybootsmylife video....

Posted on Mar 01, 2017

Our first ever video campaign so exciting - here it is...

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Behind the scenes at our first ever video shoot for S/S campaign...

Posted on Feb 23, 2017

Behind the scenes at The Spanish Boot Company's first ever video shoot for our Spring/Summer campaign #mybootsmylife. See the final cut very soon!

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Up close with Egality Freedom

Posted on Feb 22, 2017

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Georgie's Journey - part X

Posted on Feb 01, 2017


Well we have had a busy January with lots of outings!

I had a good start to the month: The event planning is complete!! And I had a really good few days getting all the horses sorted!!

My first trip out was a day of 2nd placings at Summerhouse. CAPTAIN FUTURE and COOLEY LEGALAND were the two I had competing and although it would have been lovely to have a first placing,  I was really pleased with them both! Their scoring ranged from 67-71% and it was great that both were placed 2nd in both their classes!!

 georgie spence

Next up,  I had my gorgeous boys back out at Summerhouse. This time with COOLEY LEGALAND again and he won the Novice and SAN SOLO competing in his first BD competition, placing 4th in the Prelim and 2nd Novice!! What a star!!!

We then headed to West Wilts again competing British Dressage. COOLEY LEGALAND won both Silver Elementary sections on 68% and 69% gaining a qualification towards the Regionals and CAPTAIN FUTURE won both Gold Elementary sections and was overall winner of both sections on 70% and 72%, gaining his second Regional Qualification!! A fab day with my gorgeous boys!!! A huge thanks to all my amazing sponsors The Spanish Boot Company, Mark Todd, Gatehouse, Baileys Horse Feeds, Treehouse Sporting Colours and Antares Saddles, my amazing team of owners who always come to support, Jane for top show Grooming and for Tui holding the fort at home and hanging onto the naughty horses!!!

 georgie spence

We then had two trips to Wickstead HorsePlay to school the babies, I am very excited about my rising 7 year old COOLEY LEGALAND and CALVIN for the coming season!!! They are feeling fantastic and jumping amazingly well!!

 We have also had a trip to Rabson to cross-country schooling and amazingly the ground is holding up and it was lovely to have them out on grass again!!!

georgie spence


The first event of the season is now entered and it's only 5 weeks to go!!

Georgie x

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Georgie's Journey - part VIIII

Posted on Jan 06, 2017


Firstly Happy New Year to you all!

2016 was a busy year for the team and December was dedicated to dressage and time for us to wind down on the jumping front and focus on our dressage with a few new outings.

georgie spence

First off,  we headed to Hunters with CAPTAIN FUTURE (our first British Dressage experience) and it was a good one with us winning both Elementary's, the later on with 70%!! It was particularly nice as this was his first competition since he broke his pedal bone in May this year, so its lovely to have him back out and feeling well.

Next we were at West Wilts with the young horses, SAN SOLO and TOP HONOURS. They both preformed brilliantly, both scoring 70% and 74% in BE100 tests. This was their first outing since their event in November at Aston Le Walls, so great results again.

georgie spence


The following day, we headed back to West Wilts for British Dressage with CAPTAIN FUTURE and again he was a superstar winning the first Elementary class on 68% we were absolutely delighted with him!! With Christmas came time to unwind but not long now and we'll be off out at our events again!!

Till next time

Georgie x

georgie spence

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Georgie's Journey - part VIII

Posted on Dec 01, 2016

Well I am have had a fairly quiet November (which has been quite nice!). My last event of the season was Aston Le Walls with the young horses and it's been going pretty well...

NASDAQ HIGH and I were heading to our 3rd event together and he scored well in his dressage, to gain 29 and jumped double clear inside the time for 3rd place. I was really pleased!

SAN SOLO produced another super result with a 28.8 dressage, a pole down Show Jumping but a lovely clear Cross Country  inside the time for 6th place, which again I was so pleased with and next was a nice new ride for me and his first event for newbie TOP HONOURS. I have only had him for a couple of weeks but he is a lovely smart horse. He is full Thoroughbred and an ex race horse. He did a lovely first test to score 28, one fence down show jumping but a lovely cross country to finish in 4th place and I really enjoyed taking him out.Overall we had a really great day.

The horses have now going onto their holidays, they will have between 4-6 weeks off depending on how busy their season was and it was also time for me to take a break so my boyfriend, Toby and I have just had the most fantastic holiday to Mexico. It was great to have two weeks relaxing in the sun, just eating and catching up on sleep!

Next month, it all starts to kick off again with various horses coming back into walk work, and then the dressage and jump training will begin!! I can't wait but we also have Christmas on the cards, so have a great Christmas and look forward to catching up with you all in 2017!!

georgie spence


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Georgie's Journey - part VII

Posted on Nov 03, 2016


We had a fantastic week at Osberton with 4 superb horses. I was lucky enough that our grooms Brooke and Emma both came along to groom for the week, as we had HALLTOWN HARLEY and BLUSTEREN in the CCI** and COOLEY LEGALAND and CALVIN in the CIC*YH 6yo Championships.

We started with the 2 CCI** boys. I have only had both horses about 6 weeks so we are still getting to know each other, they both settled in well and happily trotted up Wednesday afternoon. Both horses worked well and warmed in nicely for their test, they scored 52 and 53 in the dressage and this lay in the top half. There was plenty for me to work on, no major mistakes with either of the horses, but a few little areas where I feel we can pick up marks when I no them better.

Saturday was cross country day, and the course was tough, with a lot of talk over the water fences which were full up and asked the horses plenty of questions. HALL TOWN HARLEY was first out on course and he flew round, like a complete machine clear inside the time. The commentary then suggested that the course was riding well with an easy to make time, but as the day went on, it became more obvious that the course caused plenty of problems all over and the time proved tight. Next was BLUSTEREN, he’s a horse with a history of being strong, so I had him in a strong bit, he has felt fantastic in it the last 2 runs I have had on him, but I do find it a bit much for him. But he too was a complete star and flew round. He felt fantastic and so straight and genuine, a couple of places I over checked him and wasted some time, but he finished 1 second over the optimum to pick up 0.4 of a penalty

Sunday – and it was Show Jumping day. The boys came out fresh and well and trotted up sound. The course was a nice course with a couple of distances causing problems. Both my horses jumped brilliant rounds, frustratingly both having a fence down coming out of the double. This caused costly but they still finished 20th and 21st which was a great result out of nearly 100 competitors. I am very excited about both these horses future. I was delighted with both horses tests, COOLEY LEGALAND felt soft and relaxed throughout and I was very pleased with him. CALVIN was super flashy and confident in the arena, but sadly a few errors towards the end of the test effected the mark. The Show jumping was the following day, it was an up to height course and a test for both horses. COOLEY LEGALAND jumped an easy clear, sadly CALVIN showed his lack of experience, and although he was very genuine and kept jumping, two fences fell and dropped him out of contention. will aim to move up to Advanced and 3* level.

Fitting in the CIC* 6yo was quite tight over the weekend.

Following CALVIN’s Showjumping, I just took him quietly around the cross country, he is not that experienced at Novice level, and this was his first CIC*, he popped round the course really well, picking up 5.2 time faults but finishing well.

COOLEY LEGALAND showed what an exciting horse he is for the future jumping an very easy clear inside the time. He felt class from start to finish and although he still doesn’t have a huge amount of experience, he was very straight and genuine with all the more challenging fences.

These 4 horses will now have a well deserved holiday and then will come in to concentrate on preparation for the 2017 season!!

Till next time



Georgie Spence and Billy Ball

Georgie on one of her horses Billy Ball

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Georgie Spence Top Tip For Show Jumping

Posted on Oct 10, 2016

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