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Our journey bringing Spanish Riding Boots to the UK...

After a hot summer working at a stable yard in the Algarve, Portugal. I took many a tourist out riding in the beautiful hills of Bensafrim, during these rides I received numerous compliments for a pair of Spanish Riding Boots I had purchased locally. I lived in these boots for the duration of my summer they did me so proud as does every pair of Spanish leather boots I have owned!

This enthusiasm prompted me to make a small detour, driving through the Algarve out past Faro into Southern Spain towards Seville - final destination Valverde del Camino. Although I encountered a slight communication issue as I didn’t speak Spanish and no English on their part, I managed to collect contact details – fax and telephone in those days. All these years later we still use the same factory, although we have progressed to email!

I bought a few pairs of these beautiful country boots and made a solo drive in an aged Fiesta across Spain, France and via the tunnel back to the UK. Whereby The Spanish Boot Company was founded as one of the original importers of this generic, now iconic Spanish Riding Boot. Made particularly famous by a now royal Duchess of Cambridge but at the time Kate Middleton.


In March 2023 Emma decided to take a different path and in stepped Michael and Gemma who wanted to continue with the fantastic brand Emma had created all those years ago. In keeping with the values and originality of The Spanish Boot Company they have stepped in to rejuvenate the brand and concentrate on the core elements of the Classic Riding Boot.

We are a small independent family run business established in 2002, authentic to the core our boots are all handcrafted in a family run business based in Southern Spain, an area renowned for producing exceptional leather footwear. Materials are exceptional as well as outstanding manufacturing processes – the goodyear welted sole a true reflection of this – giving durability and a sustainable conscience. The integral natural cork layer gives a breathable footbed to aid ergonomic and anatomical support.

Our collections of Spanish leather boots...

Our collection of footwear has grown over the years to cater for all aspects of the equestrian and country footwear scene began with…

CLASSIC iconic Spanish Riding Boot and this remains the most popular, it is practical, versatile as well as being stylish. A perfect boot for riding, country pursuits, down the pub or the school run – with those attributes it is not a surprise it remains popular.

CASCADA waterproof "Waterfall" boot - for the more discerning country walker. Treaded Vibram sole for all day shock absorbing and a waterproof lining to allow the boot to be work in inclement weather or wet grass. One of our most comfortable padded boots to keep you warm and dry all day long.

MARIPOSA along came the slightly taller and very feminine "Butterfly" boot. This is a plain tall boot exuding sophistication with a long outer zip with an iconic interchangeable tassel attached allowing colourful accents of colour and texture to personalise your boots…. Oh yes and you can accessorise your look with a tassel keyring, perfect clipped on a purse or handbag.

THE POLO sticking to our equestrian roots a tall polo riding boot remains an integral part of our collection, in recent trends for everything riding it also makes a fabulous fashion boot. Then not forgetting the little rider we introduced a childrens leather riding boot, a smaller lightweight version to the womens polo boot which has also proved popular with petite ladies!

THE MENS COLLECTION embodies classic style and quality. Footwear selected for this collection we believe would never be out of place in a man’s wardrobe including the classic brogue boots and an inspiring leather belt. For the equestrian man a stunning polo boot and Iberian style half chaps - authentically called Polainas. We believe quality is rewarded with loyalty with our male shoppers.

THE WIDE CALF FIT accommodates a wealth of individuality when it comes to sizing, we have a standard wide calf fitting boot and beyond that we offer a unique bespoke made to measure service. The standard wide calf fitting allows a generous 4cm on the calf.

Core values...

We very much value our customers and their feedback and pride ourselves on attentive service with a down to earth approachable ethos.

We honestly believe and trust in the quality and authenticity of all our products and customers can rely on us for a classic and stylish product, made to last with longevity.

We aim to embody country style, practical yet with a stylish fashion edge to embrace an outdoor lifestyle.


Michael & Gemma




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