Top Tips for Caring for Your Riding Boots

The boots you wear when you are riding will undoubtedly affect your performance so it’s important to take care of them and keep them in the best possible condition. You wouldn’t buy a new phone and take it out without a case or a screen protector, the same way you shouldn’t wear your riding boots without taking the appropriate measures to protect them.


Whether you wear leather or suede boots, we are sharing our top tips with you to help you keep them in their best condition. Whether you want them to look good or want to save yourself some money, it’s always best to care for your boots.

Here are our top tips...


Clean as Often as Possible


Now we aren’t saying that you need to clean your boots after every single wear, but you should clean them as often as possible. Although, it wouldn’t hurt to clean them every day if you have the time. If you happen to go somewhere extremely muddy and you come home with mud all over your boots, clean them. You will probably thank yourself later for rinsing them off and saving yourself the chore of scrapping hard mud off your boots later.




When it comes to leather boots, it’s best to polish them regularly to keep them looking shiny and clean but with that comes a build-up of polish. If you want to avoid a build-up of polish, try using a pre-cleanser on your boots before using polish to prevent it from sticking.


Leather boots sometimes get damaged from weather conditions including sun, rain, or snow. If you want to protect your boots from harm, try investing in a leather Waterproofer. We advise looking for one that has both wax to help your leather last longer, and a lubricant that will help prevent your leather from drying up.




When it comes to suede, there are a few differences in how you should care for them. Leather boots can usually go through multiple wears before they might need a touch-up or a good clean. Suede boots on the other hand will probably need to be cleaned after every wear. Choosing a cleanser for suede boots can be confusing but we advise looking for a cleanser that is designed specifically for suede to prevent any stains on your boots.


Should you wear insoles?


Should you wear insoles? There is no right or wrong answer to this question, but some would argue that insoles should always be worn. The benefit of insoles is predominantly the comfort that they offer, but the other advantage to wearing insoles is the protection they offer to your boots. Wearing insoles allows any sweat or odour to be absorbed and then replaced.


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