Dressage Fashion Trends and Styles We Think You Will Love!

Dressage is an equestrian sport that is highly technical in nature and highly visual and beautiful to watch. The rider and horse use invisible cues to communicate, creating an effortless show.

Riding well is the most important part of dressage but dressing well can also earn you extra points and a higher score. Judges will look at the entire picture in front of them, of the horse and riders’ technique and performance.

Below we will discuss dressage fashion trends we think you will love and should try in your next competing show.

Dressage outfit rules: Explained

Just like most things, there are strict rules when it comes to expectations of the rider’s fashion.

Riders should always be wearing a show coat with a shirt and collar, accompanied with a stock tie and pin. White gloves and white breeches should also be worn. Footwear is important too, riders should have tall boots, not short boots and a helmet is always to be worn during dressage.

Simply, have a presenting appearance will improve your ride and impress the judges.

Trends to boost your points:

Trend 1: Show coats in fun colours

The days of just black are gone. Don’t get us wrong, black is still a staple and ever dressage rider should have at least one black show coat in their wardrobe.

These days, there are many alternative colours the rider could be wearing. Just not red, as this is the colour of Team USA.

Within the guidelines, choose a coat you love and that will compliment your horse’s colour. You don’t have to select a coat in a single colour either. You could wear a black coat but with colour running through the collar.

Trend 2: Helmet Details

Dressage is all about the small details. So, no wonder helmets have become a popular way to make a fashion statement.

When in the arena, you should stick to colours which are matching your show clothes. You do not want to distract the judges with your helmet, but still want it to fit in and look good. You can also try on different helmet shapes and see what one fits best with you head shape. Not every hat is going to look good.

Black, navy, grey or brown are always a great choice to choose from. You can play around with the hats finish, matte or suede, the rhinestones and piping to make it pop!! Even add some shimmer to the helmet to stand out a little more than others.

Lace show shirts

Dressage performers should gravitate towards a white, collard show shirt with either a button or zipped front. Your option of short sleeved or long sleeved are both acceptable. Usually your shirt cannot be seen, but if it is due to heat, having a unique show shirt can help you stand out from the others.

Embellished stock ties

Stock ties are a dressage apparel staple that have evolved from simple, plain white ties to options full of fun details and embellishments.

Stock ties are a true fashion statement piece.

When choosing your stock tie, go for a classic style with subtle, solid colours that have a touch of trim or crystals. Or choose a bold colour with an embroidered design.

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to really show off your personal style.





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