Why this crisis signposts the need for sustainable fashion

What strange and uncertain times we are currently experiencing. We’ve been saddened to see our beloved fashion and retail industry suffering at the hands of social distancing and, coupled with our spiritual home of Spain being so badly hit, we’re feeling down about a lot of what has happened.

However, to tweak the famous quote, we may be down but we’re certainly not out!

And, if there’s one thing we’re realising as a result of all this upheaval, it’s that there is the potential for lots of good to come out of this.

We already knew that major change was needed for the benefit of our planet, perhaps not quite as sudden and all-encompassing as it has been, but nevertheless, we’re starting to see environmental benefits strikingly quickly.

sustainable fashion

Fast-fashion versus long-lasting investments

The impact of the clothing industry, in particular ‘fast fashion’, weighs heavily on our planet.

According to National Geographic, it takes 2,700 litres (713 gallons) of water to make just one cotton shirt; that’s enough to keep one person hydrated for two-and-a-half years.

At The Spanish Boot Company, we’ve always championed buying clothing and accessories with a long life. It’s far better to spend more money on fewer items than to adopt the ever-popular disposable approach to filling our wardrobes.

But who knew that we’d also find ourselves in a situation where we can’t just pop out and buy a new summer wardrobe? When faced with the awful reality we find ourselves in, we can only hope that some long-lasting changes stay with us. Something positive has to come of all the heartache and interruption to peoples’ lives.

Helping the planet and alleviating some of the overuse of resources is about buying responsibly. This means buying clothing that will last longer, that is made in a robust way: built to last, if you like.

Often, robust clothing is made to improve over time; for example, we love the fact that our leather actually looks better with age.

There’s never been a better time to face the fact that ‘less is more’. Let’s buy less but pay more for quality rather than quantity. Let’s use less resources to help the planet more. Let’s waste less, and reuse, repurpose or redesign more.

sustainable fashion


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