More urban upset than country set, Egality Freedom jackets are quintessentially British in every way

More urban upset than country set, Egality Freedom jackets are quintessentially British in every way...

When it comes to Egality Freedom jackets, everything clashes but the colours. Self-proclaimed fashion disruptors, Egality (formerly Liberty Freedom), are proud to be smashing together country and punk; stately home and urban terrace; smart and sassy.

And that’s what makes them so exciting. Their ethos, their approach to design and manufacture and their choice of the very, very best fabrics is enough but, in addition, their distinctive and unique jackets just so happen to make the perfect partner to our Spanish riding boots.

Their style is unique: highly crafted tweed with a touch of military influence. It’s true to the stereotype of the English countryside but cleverly introduces a touch of edginess designed to excite and impress. In that, it succeeds.

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There’s something for the quietly controversial to the outright show-off. The closest you’ll get to traditional equestrian smart is the Sandhurst Fishtail jacket in navy, and for those who want a stunning, head-turning limited edition, the Egality jacket in flag print is the obvious choice. This is fine British tailoring at its very best.

quintessentially british blog

Quintessentially British

The world has us Brits down as shy and slightly low key, but we know, at heart, that we love to make an impression. The cut of the Egality jackets highlights this perfectly. A subtle, yet undeniable flourish designed to create a ripple in an apparently calm existence.

At Egality Freedom, anarchy is a word used frequently to describe their ethos and style. While it may ring true for their success in turning tweed into punk, the way they treat their design process is anything but chaotic. We love the attention to detail, the little elegant touches to buttons and trims, the slightly rebellious cut of the incredible fabric. It’s these things that make these jackets what they are: something really special.

Designed by Upender Mehra, the range sprang from its sister brand, Beaver of Bolton. Egality has adopted the same ethos as Beaver, insisting on only the best quality fabrics and the use of time-served craftspeople to work on it. Everything is designed and made in Great Britain and it shows. They are stylish, timeless and utterly exquisite.

Egality have set out to throw everything that’s British, equestrian, countryfied or traditional up in the air. And, by jove, we think they’ve nailed it.

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