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We are sooo excited SBC to be working with these fantastic Bloggers!


Our Style Advocates are (drum roll please):

Equestrian Lifestyle Blog

Since the day I remembered, horses have been the recurrent theme of my life. Born in an equestrian family, I started riding at the age of 6 and today, 25 years later, horse sport is still my all time passion.

After graduating law school, I've always wanted to work in the equestrian industry, so I started training dressage horses and became a dressage judge. I love to work with stallions and I'm always eager to learn more about the art of classical horsemanship. This quest has brought me in several countries in Europe.

The equestrian industry has developed a lot the latest years and more and more equestrian events were launched around the world. In 2013, the idea came up to create an equestrian blog, where I could share my experiences from working in the equestrian industry and combine this with my passion for fashion and luxury brands.

Equestrian Lifestyle was born. The blog is an extension of the lifestyle I've developed while working with horses, so I am more than happy to share my experiences with you and inform you with the latest trends in the equestrian world.


The Lady Gun

Jaime lives in the beautiful Somerset countryside just south of Bath with her husband and two playful dogs on her smallholding.

Her passion is shooting, and she spends as much of her free time as possible out in the field or at a clay ground; as anyone who follows her on social media can testify!

Jaime knows the importance of having the right attire when out and about; both in terms of function and style. She is delighted to be an SBC advocate; firmly believing that the quality and versatility of their products is second to none.


Girl About The Farm


Laura is a city dweller turned full time farmer. Moving from city life to the heart of the countryside has certainly been a challenge, not to mention the small matter of learning how to be a farmer from scratch! She currently spends her time surrounded by sheep, cows and her three dogs, usually running around after them. 

Her blog 'Girl About The Farm' documents her often chaotic everyday life as a first time farmer as well as her exploration of a whole new world of fashion in the form of country wear!


Equestrian Trend

My name is Carolina Silva and I am the blogger of Equestrian Trend. I am a 19 years old

equestrian girl from Portugal who currently studies Business Administration in Oporto,
a unique northern city.

Although I have been around horses since I was just a little girl, I only started riding when
I was 11 years old but my passion for these special animals has grown so much that I
can’t imagine my life without them. In fact, that is the reason why I started my blog:
back in 2013, the barn was far from my home, I was only able to ride on Saturdays so I
felt the need to do something else related with horses. I always enjoyed reading fashion
blogs so I thought “why not creating an equestrian fashion blog?”, I instantly started
working on it and almost 4 years later it still is my special project!

When I moved to College, I got my best friend Galileu – I like to call him Gali -, a stunning
6 years old grey jumper who has taught me a lot about responsibility, persistence and
unconditional love. He is often featured on Equestrian Trend so make sure you follow
our journey!



Charlotte in England 

Nestled in the heart of the English rolling countryside resides Charlotte.  
Living the country life means country boots are somewhat a passion of Charlotte's. As a style influencer, she is particularly fond of British country wear clothing and her regular fashion updates are set to inspire, influence and encourage women to also look fabulous in country wear.  

Being a proud SBC Style Advocate, Charlotte will also show you how important it is to own The Spanish Boot Company's iconic and beautiful country boots in your own wardrobe.







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