Where can you find the best wide calf boots?

Have you ever found the perfect pair of knee high boots only to talk yourself out of trying them on for fear of them not fitting?  Let’s face it, not all of us have the same size calves, some of us are more… athletic shall we say and need a wide calf fitting boot. For those of us blessed with more muscular legs trying on knee length boots, (be it fashion boots or riding boots) can be as depressing and daunting an experience as a small child’s first day at a new school with everyone in the room looking at you expectantly!   There is nothing more heart-breaking than finding your perfect pair of dream boots, picturing all the outfits you are going to pair them with, only to discover that no matter how much you tug and pull, the zip just will not do up much further than the top of your ankle.  Leaving you feeling completely demoralised and thoroughly depressed.  It is just too awful being made to feel like you are some form of alien just because you can’t fit into standard sized boots.  Well banish those feelings of insecurity and read on.  We will give you the tools you need to find the best wide calf boots!

Did you know that the average knee high boot circumference is around 35cm on the calf?  This is crazy given that most women do not fit in boots this size! It was always the case that knee high boots were the domain of the slim legged lady, next to nobody sold wide calf boots.  Thankfully slowly but surely things are beginning to change (Hurray! We hear you cheer!) and more and more retailers are beginning to offer a wider leg option.  Even the high street, who are notoriously slow on the uptake, are now beginning to cater for the more sporty leg.   With Clarks leading the way with their offering ranging from leather biker style boots to sleek suede or leather dressy boots.  Instagrammer @annacascarina has done some pretty thorough research in this area in her blog post and she recommends these alternative brands:  Duo Boots, Jilsen, JJ Footwear and Simply Be.

If you still need some guidance this article looks at the best wide calf boots available at the moment

Shopping for wide calf riding boots is a slightly less frustrating experience but if you don’t want something that resembles a welly boot then a decent quality wide leg riding boot is still pretty hard to find.  Places such as Equine Superstore have a fairly good selection to sort all budgets.  However if you are looking for something elegant yet practical then our Spanish Riding Boots Classic Wide Calf Fit may just be the boot for you.

So, how should you shop for wide leg boots?

When buying wide calf boots we would recommend investing in a decent quality pair.  With footwear you usually do get what you pay for and good leather or suede boots will give with time and will stretch to fit your leg, synthetic boots will not do this.  We would always advise you go for a classic style and look after them and they will last you for years and years. If you find a decent fitting pair of wide calf boots they can be very flattering on the leg. Once you have found the right pair you will know instantly!

Here at the Spanish Boot Company due to high demand we have created a wide calf version of our much beloved Spanish Riding Boot Classic but before you check out the options we have we do have a few suggestions to kick off the shopping process: firstly we would recommend you measure your leg to see if you actually need wide calf boots – you would be surprised at the amount of people who visit our stand when we are out on the show circuit and tell us ‘they won’t do up, I always have trouble finding boots that fit my legs’ only for them to try on our standard fit classics and be delighted by how they fit – but that’s not everyone.  The best way to measure your leg is to use a flexible tape measure, ask a friend to help if possible.  If you don’t own a flexible tape measure you could always use a piece of string, hold it around the widest part of your calf and measure that against a ruler. OK, so now you have measured your calf we would point you to our size chart. So, you have worked out that you definitely need the wide calf fit – so here are the options we have to offer:

Spanish Riding Boot Classic brown leather WIDE CALF FIT


The Spanish Riding Boot Classic is our best-selling boot and it’s easy to see why; versatile, durable and comfortable, this boot is a fabulous all rounder.  Available with either a flat rubber or a tread rubber sole for that extra grip, these boots are as at home at the stables as they are walking the dog or on the school run.  These boots will work hard for you and with the right care they will last for years.  Believe us they will become a wardrobe staple and you’ll wonder how you ever managed without them. (Black option is available as a special order item).

Spanish Riding Boots Classic Brown Wide Calf Fit The Spanish Boot Company

Spanish Riding Boot Classic in tan leather WIDE CALF FIT

Spanish Riding Boots Classic Tan Wide Calf Fit The Spanish Boot Company

If you are looking for something a little more dressy then the tan option is the boot for you, elegant and classic the tan leather compliments white, denim or black perfectly.  This boot will see you through the seasons in effortless style without feeling like you have tried too hard.  (black or chocolate brown options are available as special order items)

Spanish Riding Boot Classic camel suede WIDE CALF FIT

Spanish Riding Boots Classic Camel Suede Wide Calf Fit The Spanish Boot Company

The camel suede boot is just as stylish when paired with a pair of trousers as it is with a skirt.  A timeless classic that goes with just about everything, these boots can elevate a casual outfit into something really quite special.  (black, brown or navy suede options are available as special order items)

Our Spanish Boot wide calf collection encompasses all of the detail of its standard fit counterparts; Goodyear welted sole, full length zip, brogue detailing. Making it a high quality and durable proposition.  They also feature our detachable interchangeable tassels, which gives you the opportunity to match your tassels to your outfit, should you so wish.  Our tassel collection features a wide variety of colours such as cobalt blue, red, orange and yellow suede, to name but a few.  We also have a selection of leather colours too. Unlike other wide fit boots that are baggy and shapeless the Spanish Riding Boot Classic wide fit boot offers an additional 4cm on the calf yet still maintains its shape around the ankle area, giving a streamlined and flattering silhouette.  These boots are made as riding boots, meaning you can ride in any of them.  Obviously, the leather versions are more suited to riding than the suede lines but all of our boots can be worn as riding boots.

As with the majority of our Spanish riding boots we recommend you drop down a size from your usual shoe size, they are rather generous on the foot. If you are unsure about sizing please either refer to our size chart or give us a call, we would be more than happy to advise.  

If your boots are a little tight on the leg we would recommend wearing them around the house for a few days, each day running the zip up and down the boot a few times.  You should find that the boots give quite quickly.  We always say that if you can get the zip done up it will give. However, if our wide calf boots are still not the right size for you we also offer a made to measure.  To place a made to measure order we require you to take a variety of width and height measurements to ensure the boots are made to fit your leg.  

Spanish Riding Boots Classic Tan Wide Calf Fit The Spanish Boot Company

Jaime Swift a.k.a The Lady Gun looking fabuous in our Spanish Riding Boots Classic Wide Fit in tan. Follow Jaime on Instagram.


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