Whatever happened to Liberty Freedom and just what is Egality Freedom?

You may not be familiar with the brand name Egality Freedom, but if you have happened upon the jackets section of our website or perhaps even browsed our stand at shows then you cannot fail to have noticed the stunning craftmanship of this clothing brand. They produce predominantly tweed clothing of the highest quality.  Tweed jackets, tweed coats, woollen jackets, tweed skirts, waistcoats etc, but this is tweed clothing with a distinct difference.

Perhaps you recognise the clothing and the style but don't recognise the name, you may be more familiar with the name the label used to trade under ‘Liberty Freedom’ –  a name that perfectly relfected what the brand was about and the core values which were at the heart of everything they created.

Where did Liberty Freedom come from?

If you are into tweed clothing then chances are you will have heard of traditional country clothing brand Beaver of Bolton.  In which case you have already seen the work of design genius Upender Mehra.  Upender took over at the helm of Beaver of Bolton back in 2002, when the brand was struggling due to the negative effects of foot and mouth disease on the farming community and the knock on effects on the entire agricultural community at large. He still successfully heads up the brand today.

Liberty Freedom is the younger sister brand to Beaver of Bolton and was born out of Updender’s desire to create clothing with a more edgy city style.   Staying true to his roots and beliefs of freedom and anarchy, the brand allows for Upender to be more experimental and this shows through the stunning pieces that make up the collections.  The pieces may be created from traditional materials but the designs are anything but. Think tweed jackets mashed with punk and pirate elements, such as the Sandhurst jacket in duck egg blue tweed.  This really is urban tailoring at it’s very best. 

Egality Freedom Sandhurst Jacket the Spanish Boot Company

Picture country clothing with a definite military twist such as the Libertine jacket in showstopping red. This really is statement clothing at the top of it’s game.  


Egality Freedom Libertine Jacket The Spanish Boot Company

Here at the Spanish Boot Company we love the punk elements that run throughout the Sandhurst coat with the beautiful fishtail detail, and who can fail to love the Egality Jacket in union flag print?  Yet there is still a nod to the country set with pieces such as the Egality Jacket in hunt print velvet. For Upender and Egality Freedom, anything can serve as inspiration.

Navy Coat Egality Freedom The Spanish Boot Company Velvet Jacket Egality Freedom The Spanish Boot CompanyFlag print jacket liberty freedom the spanish boot company

These quality pieces are not mass produced and have an air of exclusivity and individuality about them. High street fashion has become so disposable nowadays and it’s most definitely not a good thing.  Egality Freedom garments are build to endure, they don’t conform to the latest trends and whims, they stay true to their roots and will remain evergreen garments that can live on in your wardrobe to be called upon whenever you want to make a statement. Items such as the Sandhurst waistcoat in velvet hunt print are exciting, cutting edge pieces.  When you invest in an Egality Freedom piece you know that you are investing in exquisite tailoring and sublime quality.

So just what happened to Liberty Freedom?

After a few short years of trading the fledgling label came to the attention of one certain London department store that shall remain nameless and Liberty Freedom were threatened with legal action unless they changed their name.  Hence the birth of Egality Freedom.  The meaning of ‘Egality’ is a levelling of society – a state of being equal or equally balanced – yet again Upender had found the perfect name for the brand dovetailing seamlessly with his beliefs.

The brand kept its core values at its heart and proudly uses the union flag in a number of its designs, as the clothes are not only made in the UK but all materials are sourced within the UK too;  the fabric is made in Delph, the lining is from Leeds and the buttons are made in Birmingham.  Even the names of the fabrics are named after areas of Manchester in which Upender has either lived or worked, such as Clayton and Gorton.  This also means that when you buy an Egality freedom piece, you are buying from a green company; local materials means no air fuel – conscious clear!

It's tweed but not as you know it!

As we said earlier, this is tweed clothing with a difference, these are not just your bog standard run of the mill country clothing tweed jackets or tweed skirts we are talking about, as Egality Freedom itself says, their clothing is  ‘Stately home meets urban terrace’.  Jackets of such cutting edge design and attention to detail they just cannot be replicated.  If you want to stand out from the crowd in intelligent style then this is a brand you really should explore.  We adore the brand’s ethos and we are constantly blown away by the clothes they produce, we think you will be too.

Tailored Navy Jacket Egality Freedom The Spanish Boot Company



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