What to Wear for a Summer Ride

Itching to get outdoors and indulge in the last of the British summer time? That makes two of us! Grab your favourite Spanish riding boots and get fired up for some fun outdoor activities - riding, hiking, cycling, hunting, wandering aimlessly through fields and forestswhatever you fancy doing, youll need all the right gear and equipment to stay safe, comfortable and looking the part of a true countryside alliance.

Because our speciality is the glorious handcrafted Spanish riding boot - all the way from Valverde del Camino - were focusing on outfit building for a sunny day of riding! So what sort of thing should you be considering during peak heat times? Dont make the mistake of thinking you can get away with shorts and a vest top - you still need to be protected! Its much better to opt for long sleeved tops and pants that are made of breathable fabrics, so that you can be shaded from the sun but still maintain a consistently cool body temperature.

The same goes for your footwear; you cant ride in flip flops and itll be a struggle in sandals - you still need to be equipped with proper riding boots, for comfort and durability. Our leather riding boots have all the necessary features your feet desire for an easy seasonal transition, as well as looking gorgeous!



The Spanish Riding Boot Classic Fit in Brown Leather

Because black is a more absorbent colour, for the warmer months you want to be choosing lighter colours such as brown or tan. That way the leather is dark enough to not show scratches and dirt as much, but the fabric will absorb less heat, keepi ng your toes wiggling happily.

Our leather lined classic tassel boots are stylish and practical with a Good-year welted rubber sole, waxed knee high leather upper, and full length zip for easy access. Theyre water resistant and these beauties are actually unisex! So you and your partner could even get matching ones for your romantic strolls!


Liberty Freedom Egality Hunting Jacket

As previously mentioned, you dont want to be risking sun stroke, heat rashes or sun burn by going scantily clad in the summer months whilst taking on your strenuous outdoor activities. Besides, our weather here in the UK is infamously unpredictable - meaning no matter what, youll probably be wanting a waterproof jacket.

British punk label Liberty Freedom is the go-to brand for exciting aesthetics - and we are lucky enough to feature their inspiring range of kick-ass hunting jackets. Printed in a vintage hunting scene is the Equality hunting jacket - tailored to the upmost perfection in a striking silhouette and adorned with the velvet print of an age old sporting tradition.

The jacket is weather resilient and durable, it can be worn double breasted or open to let in that crisp breeze!


Lace Knit Boot Socks

Accessorise your boots with these lovely lace knit boot socks - they come up to your knees and add a little feminine detailing to keep your outfit looking adorably themed to the beauty of the countryside! The neutral cream shade keeps it light and airy whilst bringing out the colours in the printed hunting jacket. The socks also come in grey, ivory and taupe.


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