Men’s outdoor footwear; The Spanish Boot Company

Humans love to engage in activities outdoors as it is proven that nature can help to reduce depression, anxiety, anger as well as a general boost in wellbeing. These activities can include, camping, hiking, riding or any other recreation in outdoor activity. When taking part in these activities it is important to wear the appropriate outdoor appeal and accessories.


A major advantage of boots is they give a lot of protection to your ankles due to their height. This protection forms support and cushion from impact. Support is extremely important as it helps prevent you from turning your ankles when taking part in outdoor activities like riding, which could result in a sprain, strain or even a break.

If you are looking for high quality craftmanship than The Spanish Boot Company offer a range of different boots and styles to suit your outdoor activity. Read below to find out more on some of the best boots from The Spanish Boot Company.

Men’s Brogue Boots

This lovely tan leather men’s boot with a brogue detail and lace up front are a perfect fashion accessory to add to your wardrobe. The high quality, handmade craftsman ship of this boot will make you want to wear them every day, why not? The brogue boot is a must-have style. Not only are they smart and fashionable, but brogue boots also add interest and excitement to any outfit due to their unique perforations.  

Spanish Riding Boots

The stylish and practical piece of footwear is a great everyday riding boots and are incredibly durable and comfortable for short riding and long-distance riding. Despite being focused at selling them to women on the website, they are in fact unisex and crafted in Spain for men and women. You can view the Spanish Boot Companies riding boots online today.

Polo Boots

Out for a hack or polo pitch? These polo style boots will tick all your boxes, especially comfort and high-quality material. The boot is knee high with a full-length front zip for practicality. To keep these boots water resistant, wax must be applied for maintenance. Worn by both me and women, these boots are fashionable all over the globe.

If you would like to find out more about The Spanish Boot Company, please visit our website. We offer a made to measure service too. Making sure your boots have the perfect fit and comfort to support your feet and ankles.



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