If I Can't Wear My Boots I Am Not Going...

Living in the heart of the Somerset countryside means that I spend most of my life in boots. I have more pairs of boots than anything else and I must admit they really are an obsession of mine. Finding boots I love isn’t the hard part but finding boots to fit my large calves is. It would seem I inherited my dad’s rugby player legs!

jaime swift sbc style advocate

I have always been told I look like a ‘horsey girl’ and I can only assume that refers to my large calves and curvy figure. Finding tall boots that do up is a real challenge and means I often must stay away from the ‘pretty’ or ‘fashionable’ boots and go for either the one style they stock in ‘wide fit’ or even MENS!

jaime swift sbc style advocate

I remember clearly one year at the Game Fair I was looking at a beautiful pair of boots on a stand when the lady asked if I wanted to try them. Feeling the dread set in as I knew there was no way they would fit my legs I waited for her to take a pair out of the box. Needless to say, I couldn’t get the zip beyond the top of my ankle however the woman, who I can only assume was keen to make a sale, proceeded to call her colleague over and the pair of them tried to shoe horn me into these boots for almost 10 minutes! My husband found the whole situation hilarious, I however, did not!

I am fed up of being made to feel like a ‘big girl’ just because my legs are not straight up and down. So many companies now only cater for a small minority of ladies and forget about the rest of us. There are a lot of us ladies out there with the curvier legs and I think more people need to cater for us!

Finding the Spanish Boot Company was a real eye opener for me. Fearing I would never be able to own a pair of the stunning Spanish Riding Boots that so many of my friends wear I was ecstatic to find SBC do not only wide fit but made to measure boots in pretty much every one of their designs. Hoorah!

The wide fit boots are very generous and are the perfect fit for me. The ladies at SBC HQ are brilliant and so helpful; they make you feel like a real person and do everything they can to get you boots that fit like a glove.

I wear my SBC boots a lot, and I mean a LOT and I just couldn’t be happier with the fit. If like me you are after a company that caters for all women, regardless of your shape and size then you need to look no further than The Spanish Boot Company.

jaime swift sbc style advocate


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