Georgie's Journey - part XI

Ready and Raring To Go!

Well, we have kept up our busy winter with lots of outings this month.

We had a great day out with some of the horses jumping at West Wilts! It was lovely having CAPTAIN FUTURE out jumping again for the first time in nearly a year!!! And I think the star of the show was SAN SOLO who is showing us what an exciting future he is going to have. He just needs to realise he doesn't need to keep showing off with how high he can jump! Thank you to my two girls Tui and Jane for standing out in the freezing rain doing fences!!! Your'e both so good to me!!!

georgie spence

Back to dressage and a couple to great days at West Wilts doing British Dressage with my dressage divas! SAN SOLO won the Prelim and was 2nd in the Novice with 73%. CALVIN won the Novice, COOLEY LEGALAND and CAPTAIN FUTURE 2nd in Elementary on different days. And then BLUSTEREN and CAPTAIN FUTURE competed in their first Medium finishing 2nd and 3rd with 67% which were great results.

georgie spence

Next up was a trip out cross-country schooling and two days at Boomarang. Everyone at the yard got to have a play on grass over cross-country fences and the horses felt fab and ready for the season! Another  big shout out to Jane and Tu for having everything ready, even in the horrible rain (again) on the day, thank-you ladies! Star of the day has to be SAN SOLO, who although has done less than any other horse in the yard jumped all the tough combinations without a batting an eyelid, a huge prospect for the future!!! 

We then had superstar dressage ponies at Summerhouse. A very competitive day, as it was a pre regionals warm up and we had more like 30 in each class rather than the usual 5-10, but the boys seriously held their own. CALVIN won the Novice on 71.9%, SAN SOLO on 71.3% and COOLEY LEGALAND 3rd on 69%. Then COOLEY LEGALAND and CALVIN finished 2nd and 6th in the Elementary in the spooky new indoor school! Very pleased with the boys!! CAPTAIN FUTURE won the gold section in the Elementary on 69% and also won overall and then went on to win only his second Medium test. BLUSTEREN won the silver section of the Elementary on 68% and was 2nd overall. And HALLTOWN HARLEY finished top 5 in both the Elementary and Medium classes!!!

We had a great day jumping at Summerhouse (my first trip BSJA in 2017 and my gosh I have missed it!) Sadly I had all the horses competing on a ticket as I have been concentrating on BD this winter. COOLEY LEGALAND was a bit spooky, pretending he was a 4yo who had never been out, but he jumped well with a double clear in the Newcombers and rolled a pole rolled in the 1.15m Open. CALVIN II was a super star, jumping a lovely double clear in both the Newcombers and 1.15m Open and would have won both classes.BLUSTEREN however, felt incredible, an easy double clear in the 1.20m and 1.30m. He would have been 2nd in the 1.20m and would have won the 1.30m.CAPTAIN FUTURE was on his first jumping show in 10 months and after an interesting first attempt he jumped a lovely double clear HC in the 1.20m and then he popped easily around the 1.30m, just rolling the last fence.
We all felt a little rusty, but it was great to be out jumping!!!

georgie spence

Its not long now, only a couple of days until the 2017 event season properly gets under way and we are ready and raring to go!

Georgie x


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