Georgie's Journey - part IV

Georgie Spence blog

This month saw LSS Lanzarote competing in the Horse Trials at Chepstow, alongside 4 year old HOMERUS and 5yo VENDI FOX competing in their first BYEH competition!

LSS LANZAROTE was a superstar in the dressage, a much more level and consistent test to score 31.5, he went jump a great clear show jumping around a track that was causing a lot of problems elsewhere but annoyingly on the cross country he picked up his first ever cross country fault. It was a tricky line to a skinny, just 2 strides of the corner through a gateway, so you couldn’t see it until the last minute, I over prepared for it and lost all momentum in the canter and sadly he couldn’t jump it, but he popped it second time and learnt a lot from it!
The young horses were also very well behaved. VENDI FOX was a bit green, but tried hard and learnt a lot. HOMERUS too was green but jumped very well to finish inside the top 10. In the gallop section of the top 10, sadly he was a little too flamboyant and didn’t move up the order, but finished a respectable 8th place!

Next up we had a busy 3 days at Barbury International. We started on the Thursday with the Burghley Young Event Horse class.

Both HOMERUS and VENDI FOX felt a lot more confident and happier and I felt had learnt a lot from their first outing at Chepstow.

Next up was LSS LANZAROTE in the Novice. He preformed a good test and jumped a lovely double clear. FRIDAY KNIGHT was in the top few after dressage on a 29 and jumped double clear to finish 3rd. BILLYBALL was the last of my horses compteing in the CIC2* and he produced a level test and jumped a super double clear to finish in the top 20 - fantastic outing all in all

Well, the hottest day of the year and we were competing at Dauntsey. Poor VENDI FOX aka Herbie was doing his first BE90open in a tropical 32 degree heat, but he coped brilliantly and around a very tough track to jump a super double clear into 8th place! He felt very happy and confident for a first timer and is an exciting horse for the future - next outing he will go to Calmsden!


Another hot day, another day eventing! This time at Aston le Walls with BILLY BALL and FRIDAY KNIGHT. BILLY BALL did a nice test and went on to complete the show jumping and cross country in his first Advanced and FRIDAY KNIGHT was also fantastic, competing in his first intermediate. He produced a lovely test scoring 32 and jumping an easy double clear!! It's been a fantastic month and long we may continue in the same vein but perhaps maybe not so hot!!

Till next time - enjoy the sunshine!


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