Georgie's Journey - part VIII

Well I am have had a fairly quiet November (which has been quite nice!). My last event of the season was Aston Le Walls with the young horses and it's been going pretty well...

NASDAQ HIGH and I were heading to our 3rd event together and he scored well in his dressage, to gain 29 and jumped double clear inside the time for 3rd place. I was really pleased!

SAN SOLO produced another super result with a 28.8 dressage, a pole down Show Jumping but a lovely clear Cross Country  inside the time for 6th place, which again I was so pleased with and next was a nice new ride for me and his first event for newbie TOP HONOURS. I have only had him for a couple of weeks but he is a lovely smart horse. He is full Thoroughbred and an ex race horse. He did a lovely first test to score 28, one fence down show jumping but a lovely cross country to finish in 4th place and I really enjoyed taking him out.Overall we had a really great day.

The horses have now going onto their holidays, they will have between 4-6 weeks off depending on how busy their season was and it was also time for me to take a break so my boyfriend, Toby and I have just had the most fantastic holiday to Mexico. It was great to have two weeks relaxing in the sun, just eating and catching up on sleep!

Next month, it all starts to kick off again with various horses coming back into walk work, and then the dressage and jump training will begin!! I can't wait but we also have Christmas on the cards, so have a great Christmas and look forward to catching up with you all in 2017!!

georgie spence



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