Georgie's Journey - part III

This month we were at Sumerhouse Show-jumping and my gorgeous boys were fab and in top form. BILLY BLUE competing at her first competition, jumping double clear in the British Novice and Discovery, finishing 2nd. LANZAROTE jumped a great round in his first Newcomers. FRIDAY KNIGHT was double clear in the Newcomers for 3rd and double clear in his first ever Foxhunter. BILLY BALL had a silly fence in the Foxhunter but still finished 2nd by 0.03 in the 1.30!! Overall a great day and further reassurance we are on the right track!

Then it was back to our local event West Wilts. I just had two competing there: FRIDAY KNIGHT and LSS LANZAROTE.

This was LSS LANZAROTES first ever Novice and I was very pleased with his efforts in the dressage arena to score 36.0. He warmed up beautifully for the Show Jumping, but it got a little onward bound and hairy in there, sadly resulting in two fences down, but he showed plenty of scope and potential to move up the grades. In the cross-country, he was a machine and actually took everything on too much! A little too fast and out of control, so some new brakes needed for next time, but great to know though, that he is happy to take on the bigger fences.

FRIDAY KNIGHT was having and easy last run around the Open Novice before his first Intermediate in a couple of weeks. I produced a foot perfect test and we were all assuming they would get low 20’s but the judge disagreed, but he did go on to jump a super double clear with a hand flu of time faults for 7th place!!

This month saw us back Show Jumping again today at West Wilts. I'm very lucky to have some super your horses coming through. We went to West Wilts for the BSJA. BILLY BLUE, a new horse to the yard is here to be competed and sold. She had another successful outing, winning the British Novice and finishing 2nd in the Discovery! Next was VENDI FOX. A 5yo who's only been with me a couple of months. He was only backed and ridden away when he arrived and has come on in heaps and bounds. This was his first competition. Jumping a lovely round in the British Novice just rolling one pole otherwise showing great scope and care! Next was 6yo LSS LANZAROTE just having a little pop around the Discovery and 1.05 jumping two double clears!

 We have a gorgeous new horse at the yard in the shape of a mini Shetland. 'FREDDIE' who is gorgeous and he is going to be a companion for Woody (to try to keep him in the field) and any of the others who want a friend at an event!!! He's so gorgeous and Woody seems to love him!

We had a busy day at Pontispool with 3 horses, in 3 different classes. First was BILLY BALL in the OI (Open Intermediate). A very impressive test of 22.7, left us leading after dressage. His dressage has improved so much and he is more consistent and relaxed in the test, which is great when it all comes together for the event. He then jumped a super double clear, collecting 4.8 time faults to leave him in 6th place. A fantastic result for him and his owner Lucy Fleming.

FRIDAY KNIGHT was then in the NRF (Novice Regional Final)  It was only a small section and we need a top 25% to qualify for Gatcombe Novice Champs. He produced a nice test, sadly a few big errors were costly, but the overall picture was pleased and he scored 34.8, although a disappointing score, it was nice to see that he lead the dressage on that score. After a clear Show Jumping round, I knew the pressure was on to jump clear cross-country inside the time to secure the win and his ticket to Gatcombe. Thankfully he answered every question and galloped home inside the time to win and qualify.

The last of the day was LSS LANZAROTE in the BE100. This was hi last BE100 before he heads to West Wilts in a couple of weeks for the Novice. He had a much improved test, feeling less babyish in the arena and scored 35.3. A lovely confident double clear inside the time, gave him an 8th place and completed a successful day!

Very sadly Farley Hall was cancelled due the the rivers banks bursting, so on Saturday the horses went for a canter instead and Tuesday this week we re routed to Summerhouse for some more show-jumping. We had a good day competing 4 horses.  LANZAROTE rolled a pole in the Newcomers and one down in his first 1.15. He's only jumped one Newcomers before today, so it was a big step up for him. FRIDAY KNIGHT was 3rd in the 1.15m and one down in the Foxhunter. DIAMOND COVE had 1 down in the 1.15 and double clear in the Foxhunter. And BILLY BALL was 2nd in the Foxhunter and had a casual 2 down in the 1.30 but otherwise jumped well! A good educational day for them all!

Till next time!

Georgie x


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