Fun with Feathers

We might be struggling to go on holiday this year but that doesn’t mean we can’t have a little summer fun. Here at The Spanish Boot Company, we’ve collaborated with the amazing My Fancy Feathers to bring you some beautiful – and exclusive – feather tassels.

limited edition feather tassels

Ethical feathers

It’ll come as no surprise that My Fancy Feathers source all their feathers ethically from Norfolk and Suffolk. This means they only use feathers that have shed naturally, or which have come from domestic or free-roaming game birds and they only gather them on accordance with UK Wildlife Conservation guidelines.

These beautiful accessories are an emblem of our beautiful British countryside and will be sure to turn heads wherever you wear them.

Flexible feathers

And why stop at your boots? You can use them to accessorise bags, purses, keyrings or even wear them as a brooch. These beautiful handmade accessories will make a statement whatever you do with them.

feather tassels accessories

Fashionable feathers

Most recently seen in countless ostrich feather creations on the catwalks in Spring 2020, feather and fashion have had a long and rewarding love affair. From the flappers of the 1920s to some of Chanel and Dior’s most beautiful gowns, feathers can be the crowning glory.

chanel ostrich

image taken from Pinterest

Find your feathers

Why not take a look at our website to see what unique tassels we have available – be quick though, this is a limited edition offer! We’re delighted to have been able to support the ethical and UK-based My Fancy Feathers to bring you this exciting variation to our much-loved leather tassels.


All that’s left now is for you lovely lot to send us some selfies so we can see you shake your tail feather!

feather boots tassels


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