Christmas on the Farm...

Last Christmas it was my very first year working and living as a full time farmer, and it was an eventful one to say the least.


As  we were able to finally fit a dining room table in our new farmhouse, filled with enthusiasm and in a moment of pure madness we decided to invite both families to come and spend Christmas with us.  This meant, not only feeding/bedding up the cows and checking around all the sheep in the morning, but also making a full-blown Christmas dinner for ten!


On Christmas morning we woke up normal time (5.50am alarm) and we had our morning tea and coffee by the Christmas tree (dressed in festive knits might I add!). We then did what we always do, and went over to the yard to feed and bed up the cattle, but listening to cheesy Christmas songs and scoffing Quality Streets as we went along. After we made sure that the cows were happy we took to the quad bike and drove around the sheep – I made Andy wear a Santa’s hat and all the families off out on their Christmas day stroll loved it as we bombed along the fields near the footpaths.


Once all the farming was done for the day we rushed back to pop all of the dinner in the oven (having prepped the night before). My mum saved the day and brought the turkey (that she cooked at home) with her, so I didn’t have to worry about that!


While all the food was cooking I managed to rush upstairs for the quickest shower and getting ready session ever! A far cry from life before the farm where I would literally spend hours doing my hair and make up.  Resembling a drowned rat (no time to dry my hair) both of our families arrived and the house was filled with bustle and chaos.  Dinner was served, presents were opened and crackers were pulled, then we all collapsed into a post food coma on the sofa and watched Christmas TV. Just what should happen at Christmas in my opinion!


Although it was lovely to host last year, it was slightly ambitious I feel! This year we will be spending Christmas morning on our own (along with 200 cows, 2000 sheep and the 3 dogs of course!), but then travelling over to our families’ houses for Christmas dinner instead. I’m going to make sure I have a decent amount of time to get a bit glammed up this time round, as  personally, I love popping on a special Christmas outfit each year (I think my SBC boots will definitely feature in this years outfit, maybe with some colour pop tassels!).


I love Christmas so much, and just to have a whole day dedicated to spending time with your loved ones is wonderful isn’t it! All my friends always ask me, but don’t you get sad that you can’t take the day off at Christmas? But, the truth is, farming isn’t just a job, it’s a lifestyle and I’ll quite happily spend the rest of my Christmases belting out Wham! in the tractor!

Laura @girl_about_farm


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