Brand Highlight: Grace and Lace


With HIS grace and a lil lace

What is Grace and Lace?

Grace and Lace is a family run American business that began small and simply as a knitting hobby, though it soon blossomed into a beautifully niche womens apparel company. The success of Grace and Lace relies on the soul and passion that is threaded into the very creation of their garments and accessories, reflecting lovingly on the luxurious designs and pretty motifs. Iconic for their leg warmers, scarves and ponchos, the boutique is a treasure amongst the troves of copycat high street retailers.

Now under successful expansion, the Grace and Lace business has a home studio, warehouse and trademarked designs and have received floods of media opportunities to get their name out there! The Spanish Boot Company are blessed and honoured to hold host to some of their most sought after and wonderful products - ideal for your choice of summer fashion!

Who is behind the label?

Melissa Hinnant and her team of trusty family and friends including her beloved husband Rick, created the brand from what was originally, an absolutely devastating tragedy. Call it a silver lining, or the light at the end of a very dark tunnel, the accidental companyformed from a sorrowing family loss that sparked a motivation in Melissa, to not waste the pain and do something productive from it.

In 2010, Melissa was five months pregnant, expecting a little girl. She attended a routine check up with her doctor and was immediately rushed into surgery after receiving the devastating news that her baby would be born within 24 hours and wouldnt survive. After a successful operation, Melissa could then proceed with her pregnancy, but had to remain in hospital on a very strict horizontal bedrest. She began to get agitated and began crocheting as a way to pass the time - beginning with a little baby blanket for her unborn child. 

Heartbreakingly, when the baby girl was born she didnt survive and so the loss etched itself deep into the hearts of the mournful Melissa and Rick - who openly share their story with their customers and followers. Though out of the ashes, rises a phoenix. Despite the tragedy, the couple put their talents and ideas together to form a business in honour of their little lost one, creating and making crochet and knitted clothing for women.

I made my first pair of lacey boot socks on October 31, 2011 and listed it for sale just to see if someone would buy it. Within a matter of days we had hundreds of requests. I never even intended to make more than one pair! Within a couple of months we had worldwide exposure and had caught the attention of some big buyers. Thats when we realized we were on to something big and this would become my career,

Turn your pain into purpose. Let your pain transform you.

What do they specialise in?

Whilst they began with socks and leg warmers, the brand has expanded to cater for much more. Offering ponchos, scarves, jewellery, boot cuffs and womens and childrens clothing! Of course, its  all about crochet, lace and buttoned detailing!

Why should I shop Grace and Lace?

Grace and Lace is also fashion with a conscience, as a portion of every sale goes towards building Orphanages in India! In 2013, the company partnered up with Angel House, a company who helps to provide housing for the orphans on the streets of India. In 2014 the brand was able to contribute to building two orphanages which between them houses 100 orphan children and in 2015 successfully opened 5 more! These children now have a place to call home - with fresh water, food, private education and the little girls have some very specially made socks to wear!

Grace and Lace are a fruitful company and despite the fact they are seeing everyday success in a cumulating client base and having featured in Cosmopolitan, The Today Show and Shark Tank, they remain humble! Their products are all hand designed by Melissa herself and made with the upmost quality!

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