Are made to measure boots worth the money?

Have you ever dreamed of having a pair of made to measure boots that fit like a glove?  Let’s face it, it’s incredibly rare (near on impossible) to find a pair of boots that are an absolutely perfect fit on the leg – they are either too tight or too baggy.  We’ve all been there, trying to squeeze our legs into a pair of boots that most definitely do not fit, or worse still we might have bought a pair of boots that don’t do up, convincing ourselves that they will eventually stretch, when in reality they can never stretch quite far enough.  Or perhaps you are at the other end of the spectrum with very slim calves and you cannot find a pair of boots that don't swamp your legs and look like wellies.  With our made to measure boots those days are now over, you can have a pair of custom made boots – read on to find out more!

Here at the Spanish Boot Company we find it baffling that as with the majority of clothing manufacturers, producers of footwear seem to be under the misconception that when it comes to boot legs, one size fits all.  When in actual fact, the truth is very far from this and someone’s foot size can have very little bearing on the size of the rest of their leg, which could be very slender, super sporty or downright curvy .

different calf sizes

If this is striking a cord with you then no doubt you have had a long history of boot buying issues, maybe you have been completely put off buying long boots and avoid them like the plague or instantly dismiss them out of hand – heading straight for the ankle boot section to avoid disappointment.  Well we believe that everyone deserves the chance to wear our boots and with our made to measure offering this is definitely possible.

An extra £100 on the cost of a pair of standard boots is a lot of money but it is totally worth it if you have struggled for years.   Once we have your measurements we keep them on file should you want to repeat order. 

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Who can buy made to measure boots

The short answer is that anybody can buy our made to measure boots but it is worth checking our size chart before you commit as we do stock a wide calf range.  Made to measure is a great solution for people who have suffered an injury and as a result one of their legs is a different size and shape to the other. We have even made a pair of boots in different foot sizes in the past i.e. one foot is perhaps a size 5 and the other is a size 6.  Our standard boot calf width increases along with the foot size so you may find that maybe you have slim calves and larger feet or perhaps the other way around – if so then made to measure would be a good option for you.

Spanish Riding Boots Suede The Spanish Boot Company

Which styles are available made to measure

The majority of our styles are available in made to measure; Spanish Riding Boots Classic, Suede and Wave are all available, as are the Polo Boots and Polainas.  If you are ordering made to measure you can also custom pick the colour / colours you would like (see our Suede two tone boots) and which sole type you would like; tread rubber, flat rubber or leather.

Spanish Riding Boots Suede The Spanish Boot Company

Is the foot size made to measure?

No, the boots are all built around a standard footbed size but you do provide measurement around the foot and the in step so whilst the footbed is a standard size, the upper part of the foot is tailored to you.

 Polo Style Boots the spanish boot company

How to measure

With our made to measure service we don’t just work off one single calf and height measurement, we work off various different measurements, starting with the foot, then the ankle then 3 different height and width measurements on your leg.

When measuring we advise that you take the measurements on a bare leg (the factory make an allowance of 1.5cm for clothing), we also advise that you sit down for the majority of the measurements, standing only to take measurements for points G and J.   You also need to be sure that where you take the 3 width measurements on the leg, you also take the corresponding height measurement at exactly the same point.

made to measure diagram the spanish boot company

We understand that it is a rather daunting proposition taking your own measurements so perhaps get a friend or colleague to assist you.  We rarely have problems with people taking their measurements incorrectly and to assist in the process we have made a video explaining exactly how and where you need to measure. 

 Can I return them if I change my mind?

Unfortunately not, as the boots have been made to your specific measurements we would be unable to accept them back for a refund if you simply changed your mind. If you made a mistake in the measuring we would work with you to do all that we can to alter the boots but there may be a shared cost involved.  Of course, if there was a manufacturing error then a refund or exchange would be possible.

Where to buy made to measure boots

Of course we are not the only manufacturers of made to measure boots, there are others out there, if you ae looking for a pair of riding boots then check out The Riding Boot Company they have a huge selection.

Or perhaps you are looking for something a little more fashion focused, although not quite made to measure Duo footwear have a range of boots in a variety of differing calf sizes from 30cm through to 50cm

 Are made to measure boots worth the extra money

We realise that an extra £100 is an awful lot of money, but let’s be clear here – what you get for that extra money is a truly custom fit, personalised service and a pair of boots that, given the right care, will last you for many years to come.  As they are made to measure for you they will be very flattering on the leg.  We have customers who are so thankful to finally find boots to fit them that they come back again and again to buy multiple pairs. We truly believe that if you have difficulty finding boots to fit your leg then made to measure boots are most definitely worth the extra money, they really are an investment that cost per wear will pay for themselves in time. 

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