The Importance of Boot Aftercare

In your head, picture that moment when you finally find a pair of stunning, brand new boots. These are the boots you’ve been imagining and searching for months; they’re the perfect colour, perfect material, perfect height, perfect size and perfect price. As punch your debit card number into the website or your PIN into the card machine, you vow to take the absolute best care of these boots so that they’ll last you for seasons to come. You can’t imagine ever being careless with them or ruining them with wear and tear – they’re the best and favourite boots you’ve ever invested in!


We all know this feeling - it’s a feeling of excitement, anticipation, devotion and thrill. However, it’s easy for this bundle of emotions to be forgotten amongst all of life’s other joys, dramas and general rollercoaster nature and the passion you first felt towards your new boots can diminish. Forgetting the vows you made to nurture, care for and raise these as your own, is common and let’s be honest – pretty damn hard to keep. Boots are made to be worn and lived in and you can’t (literally) tiptoe around your every day terrain. For this exact reason, boot aftercare products have been brought to market.


Here at The Spanish Boot Company, we believe that the aftercare of your boots is absolutely vital for their lifespan, appearance and general well being. Aftercare shouldn’t be an option; it is a necessity which is why we stock some of the best boot aftercare products around!


Sno Seal

Sno-Seal is a fantastic leather protection product. It’s perfect for any of the boots in our range (except suede) but particularly for our gorgeous leather Spanish boot collection. Sno-Seal which is made from beeswax, lubricates leather (to keep it from drying out). Unlike other water protection, the natural wax never weakens or decays meaning that it will last you a long time and your boots will love it.


Leather Wax

Our very own, unique leather wax. Not only is this a fantastic and effective product, it also smells sensational! Selling at only £8.95, we see this is as one of our best value products purely because of the quality of the wax and how far it will go. Its ingredients include jojoba oil and lanolin which both help to keep leather supple as well as water resistant.


Suede Protector Spray


For our suede boot collections, we have Woly’s suede protector spray. This is an incredibly effective waterproofing spray designed for all suede and nubuck leathers - it is also suitable for textiles. As is needed for suede shoes, this spray is completely invisible and repels snow, mud and dirt. Also, it prevents those nasty white stains that occur because of snow and water meaning that you should apply this all year round.


Suede Brush


Our suede brush, also a Woly creation, is fantastic for cleaning, dusting and smoothing out all kinds of full-grain leather, particularly suede. This sort of cleaning is vital for the well being of your suede boots so don’t risk the damage and get your hands on one of these!


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