5 Fun Facts you Should Know about Tweed

Tweed is a classic and brilliantly versatile fabric, one all you country lovers should be familiar with! For those of you who have recently stepped into the art of outdoors, allow us to better acquaint you with one of the UK’s most famous fabrics – tweed.

As the season of blistering winds and scorching log fires draws near, my toes are tingling with excitement under the layers of fuzzy socks and leg warmers at the idea of long wintery walks, snowy nights and frosty fun in the country! At The Spanish Boot Company we love textural cosy garments for December time and best of all they make timeless gifts! But how much do you really know about our favourite historical fabric; tweed?


  1. The Twilling Tale of Tweed
    Tweed became popular amongst British gentlemen during 1850 when Prince Albert influenced the beginning of the Estate Tweed movement; gents of the leisure class commissioned tweeds for their staff to wear so that they were recognised as belonging to a particular estate, noting colour and crest. The trend kick started a fashion for the fabric which then became well equated with country alliances, school uniforms and even formal wear.


  1. Made in Scotland
    Tweed is a combination of virgin wool fabrics which are woven into a texturally rough twill structure. The colours are usually of earthy palettes reflecting the landscapes the fabric is usually worn in. The process of twilling involves a diagonal line being woven through the fabric to produce a sturdier, heavier cloth making it a great insulator. Well known heritage brand Harris Tweed was introduced by Lady Dunmore into British aristocracy in 1840’s and because of the brands success, others followed suit and began mass producing lighter weight versions for everyday street fashion.

  2. What’s in the Name?
    In actual fact, the word ‘tweed’ wasn’t originally meant be ‘tweed’ at all, but ‘tweel’. Legend has it that an old English cloth merchant mistakenly recorded the Scottish word ‘tweel’, meaning twill, as tweed –also probably influenced by the name of the River Tweed in Scotland.

  1. Fabric properties
    Because of the fabric’s rugged and heavy design, tweed is wind and water resistant – perfect for weather protection during country outings and sports. Tweed is also usually worn on jackets and trousers during hunting as the neutral colours allow the wearer to camouflage into their surroundings.

  2. We Sell it!
    The best fact there is to share is that we stock a line of traditional and modern inspired tweed garments from British label, All Liberty Freedom. Provoking freedom, rebellion and individuality, All Liberty Freedom take the traditional tweed garments and infuse them with funky quirks for a raw and edgy twist on a classic!


Advocate the lusts of internationally acclaimed designers Ralph Lauren and Vivienne Westwood who famously send tweed down the catwalk year after year, by checking out our unique line of All Liberty Freedom products and indulging in some winter warmer accessories to really build a countryside outfit to stop fellow walkers in their tracks.



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