Winter Ankle Boots in the Spotlight

November is here and has brought with it foggy mornings, rainy afternoons and bitter cold evenings. Most of us by now are whacking on the heating, wrapping up in scarves and gloves whenever we leave the house and have found that pumps and brogues are no longer enough to keep our poor feet warm in the colder weather.

Here at the Spanish Boot Company, we love winter. Winter gives us all more opportunity to show off our fashion expertise, individual style and of course, our much loved boots! Boots are an imperative part of any winter wardrobe and we understand the importance of good quality and beautiful boots which is why all of our boots are meticulously crafted with the finest materials and impeccable style.

This month, we want to draw particular attention to our Chelsea/Jodhpur style ankle boots range which we welcomed to our selection earlier this year.


ankle boots


These boots are slightly different to our usual Spanish Boot style but when we saw them we just couldn’t resist the urge to have them as our own! Made out of leather and suede, these are the perfect ankle boots for this winter!

Even though they are made out of suede, they are highly weather resistant, although unlike our other boots, they’re not the best choice for mucking out your horse or venturing out on a muddy and wet winter dog walk. These ankle boots are designed more for wearing around town, to work and other adventures that maybe don’t require treks through muddy fields or horse manure.

What we particularly love about this range is the Jodhpur/Chelsea style of the boots that still resonates with our brand as well as being at the height of fashion this season. Along with this, the predominantly unignorable bright and eye catching colours are bound to make these ankle boots the beacon of any winter outfit; the combination of the style and colour is what makes them such an irresistible purchase for this season.

If you would like to get your hands on a pair of these rainbow variety boots, head to our ankle boots collection where you can find the whole selection!



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