How to Wear your Autumn Country Boots

Autumn is upon us and as the leaves slowly start to brown and crisp, we begin to accept that wooly jumpers, jackets and boots are now part of our staple wardrobe once again.


Here at The Spanish Boot Company, the change in season and style is anything but a negative thing! This is a chance for us to show you our gorgeous range of country boots that will keep your feet warm, protected and looking fabulous this Autumn season.


For Autumn, we’re offering a huge range of country boots in a variety of different styles, colours and materials. From suede ankle boots to our classic Spanish boot range, we’re so excited to be able to offer our customers a selection of top quality, high fashion country boots.   


Here, we’ve outlined a few ideas on how to wear some of our country boots this Autumn. We hope you enjoy reading and that you leave slightly inspired.



Spanish Riding Boot Classic – Black

 black country boots

Our gorgeous, classic Spanish riding boots are versatile, resilient and highly fashionable. These boots are perfect for wearing with a pair of blue denim jeans and either a wax based jacket (such as a Barbour) or a tweed jacket. As these particular boots are black, they will match with basically every single colour other than dark navy so go wild on bright scarves and hats.








Polo Boots – Brown

 brown country boot

These brown polo boots are right on trend this season. The knee high tops have been all the rage on the catwalks this year so not only are these country boots beautifully fashionable, they are also highly practical for dog walks, horse riding, wandering around the stables or going shopping on the high street. We offer this style in various colours, but for this shade in particular, we recommend wearing with beige or nude coloured jodhpurs or if you want to purchase them as a fashion item, we suggest matching them with any variation of blue denim and either a neutral coloured jumper or jacket.






Spanish Riding Boot Suede – Beige

beige suede country boot

Similarly to our classic Spanish riding boots, these light coloured, knee high suede boots are also exceptionally fashionable and stylish whilst still boasting supreme quality and practicality. We think these boots go exceptionally well with black jeans or leggings, coupled with a long and baggy jumper, cape or jacket.







 Spanish Yard Boot – Brownbrown country boot


These shorter boots are perfect for Autumn. With the Autumn    weather being fairly fickle, we can’t always (but we can most of the time) rely on the chilly, wet weather to warrant big, hefty boots. These more petite booties are great to wear with tights and a skirt or dress as well as with jeans. These country boots are flexible in both their appearance and use and we highly recommend them as a staple for your autumn wardrobe!


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