Premature Return of the Boots

Despite the fact that it feels like summer has only just got here, we don’t want to (and can’t) believe that we’re in the final month of warmth and sun and we’re having to start thinking about closing the doors of our summer wardrobe.

It’s been a pretty bad summer season for Britain with rain, wind, low temps and only a period of about 3 days being warm enough to have bare legs and sandals which has been bitterly disappointing for those of us who have invested in lots of lovely summer garments.


This summer, most of us have felt like we haven’t even really got out of jeans and ankle boots and in-between trying to get the right balance of summery looking clothes whilst still keeping appropriately warm, it would seem that due to the amount of rain we’ve had over June and July, I don’t know about you, but we have somehow exhausted our ankle boots that were supposed to last us until at least this autumn! Having not expected to have to wear autumnal themed clothes quite so soon, we understand that the demand for new ankle boots coming into the the cooler seasons is now more urgent!


When looking for ankle boots in particular, one needs to be vigilant when purchasing. These boots need to be resilient against autumn weather, must look fabulous with a variety of different clothes as well as of course, be very comfortable. It would seem that most of the high street shops haven’t got this year’s ankle boot range out and available yet and are still flaunting skimpy summer dresses and sandals on their mannequins. However, here at The Spanish Boot Company, we’ve clocked the urgency for new ankle boots and have thus brought in our new range of Valverde Jodphur Boots:



Our gorgeous new range comes in a variety of 7 different colours, all beautifully crafted and tailored with the best quality suede and leather. Our brighter colours such as the red and the cobalt blue are great for the rest of August and still looking summery whilst the other colours will bring that warm autumnal theme to your outfit. These traditional riding style boot (also known as the Chelsea boot) are at the height of fashion and are also suitable for a multitude of different outfits - autumnal and summery alike.

Whilst it’s a shame that this British summer has turned out to be pretty dismal, it doesn’t matter that you’ve already worn out and tired your ankle boots, get your hands on a pair of these and it won’t seem so dull anymore! As with a lot of our boots, these are unisex so are irresistible for absolutely anyone.


Head to our Short Boots page if you would like to purchase a pair (or two!) of these stunning booties:



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