Summer's Favourite Accessory


Now that we are in the midst of the summer, we have had enough time to distinguish what this year’s summer fashions are, what we like about them and what we don’t so much like about them. We have also had to time to purchase summer garments and work out which ones are our favourites, our go tos and are special occasion items.


Amongst this list should certainly be our Ikat Wrap Scarf. This lovely garment is perfect for brightening up an outfit and adding a little something special to your usual look. Unlike other summer accessories, the variability of this item makes it appealing and suitable for many different occasions and we are proud to sell it to you.



The multi-functioning purposes of our scarf makes it an absolutely fabulous investment (even if we do say so ourselves). It can be worn as a vest, as a scarf, as a dress or as a swimsuit cover-up and it has been successfully tried and tested for all of these uses! You can wrap it, tie, drape it and wear it in any sort of way that you like and it is still guaranteed to look it was purpose made for that exactly that style.



Our gorgeous scarf has been reviewed as a “saviour” this summer season by one customer as it’s so useful for brightening up an otherwise dull outfit. It is ideal for wrapping around yourself at the swimming pool and at the beach when wandering around, heading for lunch or for if you’re just feeling a little self conscious. As the British summer isn’t fantastic this year, the scarf is also great for wearing as a summer neck scarf when the weather has been a bit grim, for keeping warm or for adding some life, colour and pattern to a dull day.


We haven’t seen something similar to this in a long time (other than sarongs) and we’re surprised that this versatile and beautiful garment hasn’t been imitated in high street stores and marketed in the same way - on beach and off beach. Our Ikat Wrap Scarf also comes in multiple different colours to suit every pair of shorts, jeans, dresses, bikinis and other beach wear.


Make this scarf a staple part of your summer wardrobe and watch it transform your style summer season after summer season!


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