Breeze Through Summer in Espadrilles

Summer is finally here! Time to finally soak up the Vitamin D, sip on something cold and dress down in light, bright materials and let your skin breathe! 

After months of cramming our poor feet into hot and sweaty socks and boots and only letting them out when we hop into a boiling hot shower before then suffocating them again in wooly slippers, it is now time to slip into something a little comfier.

Summer shoes are great for letting our feet finally breathe, allowing them to get some sun and also looking really good at the same time. Which is why this year, we have launched a ladies’ range of colourful, exceptional quality espadrilles!


Comfortable, light, easy to clean and attractive, espadrilles have been around for a very long time! Originally made in Pyrennean, Catalonia since the 14th century, there are still shops in Spain that have been producing Espadrilles for over a century. However, the first recorded, most primitive style of espadrilles, dates back to over 4000 years ago. These were (as still today) worn by both men and women.

The range from The Spanish Boots Company looks great whatever you choose to wear them with but we suggest particularly, shorts, skirts, dresses or cropped trousers. By wearing items above the ankle, the shoe will not only look more flattering, but it means the espadrilles can be shown in their full glory. Perfect for beach wear or city wear,these light, colourful and comfy summer shoes will brighten up any outfit you choose to match them with.

Although all that time ago they were originally worn as peasant footwear, the style has soared in popularity, particularly in the Catalan region and the Basque countries which is why we find them so interesting. Whilst our espadrilles are not quite as authentic as the 4000 year old ones, they are still Spanish made and we pride ourselves on the outstanding quality of the suede and rubber they are created with. We offer them in a variety of bright summery colours bound to turn heads and put a bounce in your step.

4000 years of creation and development surely can’t be wrong so give them a try!


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