You Won't Believe This - Our Scarf That Turns Into A Waistcoat

We have recently been loving the Grace and Lace brand of clothing here at The Spanish Boot Company. Grace and Lace make a large variety of clothing but specialise in unique fashion. One of the things that this company are well known for are their innovative and multi functional fashion items.

The latest product from Grace and Lace that we have been stocking is their gorgeous floral scarf. Not only is this scarf high quality, fashionable and with a stunning design: it also can be turned into a waistcoat vest too.

It might be hard to believe that a scarf can double up as a vest but this video shows just how simple it is to turn the Grace and Lace scarf into a fashionable top:


We think that this multifunctional item is simply perfect if you are looking to minimize your wardrobe. It is also fantastic for holidays too. In fact there are many positives to having multi functional clothing in your wardrobe including:

Pack lighter
If you are going on holiday then having this multi-functional item of clothing will definitely help you whilst packing. The Grace and Lace scarf can be easily turned into a dress, vest or sarong depending on your needs. With an average 20Kg holiday suitcase allowance, that is definitely a great way of saving space for other things.

Good quality items
Because multi-functional clothing needs to fit a certain amount of criteria, it has to be good quality. Multi-functional clothing needs to be able to be worn inside out without losing any of its shape. By buying from great brands like Grace and Lace, you know you are getting top quality products.

Good for the environment
Buying one piece that can be worn in lots of different ways is also great for the environment. New statistics say that it takes a shocking 2700 litres of water to make just one cotton t-shirt. Using items for many things will help preserve water and therefore help the environment too.

Save yourself money in the long term
It kind of goes without saying, but having one item that can be used in many ways provides you with great value. It saves you money on having to buy multiple items to cover your needs. Having one item that is multifunctional with provide you with all your needs, whilst freeing up precious wardrobe space too.

Have a different outfit whilst on the go
You may want to change up your look between work and after work drinks. With the Grace and Lace scarf you can have a fashionable scarf in the day, and turn it into a glamourous vest for drinks. Two completely stunning looks in one item.

To see more about the Grace and Lace scarf and the looks it can provide, click here.



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