Grace and Lace: Enjoy Winter Fashionably

Now that winter is in full swing, it is becoming increasingly challenging for women to look fabulous while also keeping warm. There are few things worse than seeing someone who is dressed well but shivering from head to toe – or at least to me there are. You do NOT have to suffer to be beautiful!

So, you don’t want to look like that chair in your bedroom – covered in every conceivable fashion trend and piece of clothing you own – just to stay warm, but equally, you don’t want to freeze before you have gotten a chance to show of your latest online purchases.

So, what to do! Well Grace and Lace have got it just right with some fantastic, stylish and practical items, perfect for this winter.


Remember the Essentials

It is vital that you don’t try to trick the weather. We’ve all done it – wearing thin layers, a small piece of material that resembles a scarf wrapped loosely round your neck…looking ‘wintry’ but still feeling freezing.

You can’t get away with it – you need warmth, but it doesn’t have to be frumpy. A few layers will look great if chosen right. A simple long sleeved top with a knitted cardigan and a thick, well tied scarf will keep you warm, while looking great. If you get warm, you can take off your cardigan and you still have a cute outfit.



The Boots

There is nothing worse than cold feet - any time of day, for any reason. Especially when you are enjoying a day shopping or walking. Good, warm, comfortable boots are a must! This season, the choice is endless, but I prefer to choose a pair of warm, leather, flat boots with a pair of stylish boot socks.

A great way to change the look of your outfit is by changing your boot socks. If you are going for a feminine and girly look then lace ones will look great, or for a more country look, a pair of faux fur or tweed ones will look the part.



The Stylish (and warm) Scarf

Scarves are just the best. I have so many, I have a separate drawer for them and they get treated just as well as all my best clothes. Scarves are no longer just for the practical outdoors person. They are perfect for almost any occasion and are a simple yet stunningly effective way of creating a warm and stylish outfit.

For a really cold day, I’d recommend a thick, warm, knitted scarf. They will keep the warmth in and create a cosy look. With a leather jacket and long flowing locks you will certainly turn a few heads. And if you need something more formal, a long cotton scarf draped around your neck a couple of times will look perfect! So now there is no excuse for you not to look great and feel fashionably warm this winter!


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