Creative Ways to Match your Stylish Scarf with your Dress

Almost every woman we know, including ourselves, has at least one little black dress in their wardrobe. Usually, saved especially for parties and special occasions – we recently discovered that there is much more to the traditional little black dress than we first thought.


Although it always looks perfect teamed with a pair of sparkly heels, delicate jewellery and the perfect clutch – I’ve decided to think outside the box and started to team my little black dress with my array of scarves that I have in my wardrobe, with some excellent results! So I think it’s finally time to tell you all about my top five looks that I have found when teaming up my scarves with my little black dress.


1 – The Wrap

Draping your scarf loosely over your shoulders and then incorporating a waist belt over the top of everything will add a whole new layer to your address. It gives your outfit a more covered up look and is perfect for a date night or an evening out – depending on your style of dress – and can create a number of different effects depending on the type of stuff you use and the colour.


2 - The Belt

Using a thin scarf – you don’t want to add any bulk to your midsection – you can tie your scarf around the thinnest part of your waist and then make a bow at the back. Using a floral or bright scarf for this will create a fun and playful look, and for a more demure style, go for a simpler or sparkly scarf. Perfect for any time of day!


3 – The Circle Scarf

Wrapping a Circle scarf, or loop scarf, loosely around your neck can create a simple but effective style. Again – change the colour and pattern for a more or less dramatic effect and tie it in with your accessories and shoes. If it starts to get cooler, just drape the edges of the scarf over your shoulders creating a whole new and functional look. This look works perfectly with my Grace and lace knit scarf.


4 – The Tie Scarf

Using a thinner scarf as an accessory with your little black dress can have a dramatic effect. Taking a brightly coloured scarf and putting one loose knot in the front, around your neck – making a tie-like effect – will create a modern and stylish outfit and will complement a little black dress work for work or around town. Try to keep it bright though, it needs to stand out to have a true effect.


5 – The Simple Scarf

Just because you are wearing it with your little black dress, doesn’t mean that your scarf has to be fancy or different. This look can work great with just a simple scarf, wrapped once around your neck. A perfect look if you are out and about and need to wear a coat or if you are attending a casual event.


So hopefully now you can look in your wardrobe and find your perfect scarf to match your little black dress and have fun with your style, just make sure you know all the scarf tying tricks!


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