Cardigan Style Tips: Create Different Eye-Catching Outfits with a Cardigan

It seems like kind of an obvious question – how do you wear a Cardigan? But the answer is a little more complicated. Which kind of cardigan are you wearing? What is the occasion? What is the weather like?


Well thankfully, we now have an answer to all of these questions and thought that an excellent way of giving you some top tips on how to wear a Cardigan with different outfits was a great way of adding a bit of inspiration to your wardrobe and really getting you thinking about what you are wearing. So here are some tremendous ways to wear a Cardigan with your outfit.


The Oversized Cardigan

This is actually one of our favourites at the moment. A recent new addition is the Grace and Lace cardigan, which has inspired this particular look and although it isn’t usually think of junkie, it is loose and comfortable and looks perfect with my skinny jeans. For an easy-going daytime look, pair it with a deep V-neck T-shirt and jeans and feel comfortable all day long.


The Belted Cardigan

An excellent way to add a stunning accessory to a shapeless cardigan is to incorporate a belt. Not only will you give you a beautiful hourglass silhouette, it will also create the overall effect of your outfit. For a slim classic look, a simple belt with your cardigan matched with a pencil skirt and heels will provide a more casual look. A thicker, more vibrant belt would look great with a large cardigan and pair of leggings or skinny jeans.


The Layered Cardigan

A lot of the time a cardigan is all about comfort. So when it gets cold outside, layering your cardigan can create an excellent effect and also be very useful if you are planning on being indoors and outdoors – especially when shopping. A longer waterfall Cardigan combined with a short leather jacket and heels is definitely the way to go with this one! For a more dramatic effect go for a longer cardigan and a shorter jacket, possibly in different colours to really accentuate the layering.


The Floor-Length Cardigan

If you are choosing to wear a floor-length cardigan then try not to wear it with lots of layers. Longer cardigans will perfectly complement a T-shirt and shorts in the warmer months but may end up looking a bit frumpy if worn with thick layers – so bear this in mind if you choose to wear one.


The Accessorised Cardigan

Finally, now that it is getting colder you will probably want to accessorise your cardigan with a warm, woolly scarf. The best way to do this is to really think about the textures and colours. For a simple look, go for matching or complementing colours, keeping the textures quite different – a thick woollen cardigan and a cotton scarf would look perfect together. For a more “out there” look go for matching textures and contrasting colours.


Hopefully this is giving you a few ideas on how to wear your cardigans this season –all that is left to say is stay stylish and stay warm!


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