Why a Stylish Scarf Is the Number One Winter Accessory

In winter it is easy to follow your instincts and just dress warm and cosy – ditching the fitted styles and sharp accessories for big, warm layers and hibernate in them until spring. But rather than looking like you have just chosen the first warm clothes you could find in the wardrobe it’s time to start finding your own winter style and more importantly those stunning accessories that will get you noticed.


This winter, the most important accessory is most definitely a warm and beautiful scarf to finish off your favourite midwinter outfit and keep you cosy. But why is a stylish scarf the must have winter accessory?

 Stylish Winter Scarfs Are in Such As This One By Grace and Lace

Simple and Easy Style

One of the most wonderful advantages of a stylish scarf is that there is no need to faff and fuss with it to create a fantastic effect. What could be easier than just popping on your favourite winter warmer and heading out of the door? And with a fashionable alternative to the simple knitted scarf, you can look the part too.


When you are looking for a trendy scarf, choose one (or a few) that suit the occasion, outfit and your own personal style. There are so many to choose from that finding the right scarf should be pretty easy. Grace and Lace scarves make this decision even simpler, as all of their scarves are beautifully designed, expertly made and extremely high quality. What more do you need from a scarf?


The Height of Practicality

An obvious quality, but worth mentioning nevertheless. Nothing keeps the heat in on a cold, icy day like a lovely, thick scarf. Part of the whole ambience of winter is enjoying the fresh, crisp outdoors while remaining comfortable; a practical yet highly stylish scarf is the perfect way to do this.


Extremely Versatile

Where do I begin? The versatility of the humble scarf is almost worth its own article. Let’s start with how you can wear your scarf. Tying a scarf is a skill in itself. The French knot, the necklace, the double sided twist. The neck wrap, the braided knot or even just the classic loop… each knot a different style statement and effect; try naming another accessory that has that many variations!


Next we come to colour and fabric. Do you want to wear a scarf with your work clothes or out on a date? Will you wear it the entire evening or just while you are outside? Whatever the situation, you will find a perfect scarf to suit it.


And last, but by no means least, the cost of the average scarf means that you can afford a few in your wardrobe. Just like bags and shoes, a variation can make choosing an entire outfit easier and will create more of an effect once it is complete.


So if you have yet to completely tear yourself away from your summer wardrobe, think about the world of scarves waiting to be wrapped around your chilly neck and make that leap a lot easier.


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