5 Occasions Where You Can Wear Your Tweed Jacket

Thanks to the beautifully designed “modern day” tweed jacket, women all over the world – including myself – are getting into the country spirit and really enjoying the wonderful luxury of an old classic. The beautiful selection of Liberty Freedom tweed jackets available at The Spanish Boot Company really does take countryside elegance to a new level and offers the addition of some stunning colours incorporated into the jackets, allowing for a whole new style.

So if you are considering purchasing a tweed jacket then now is the time to do so. With an abundance of occasions for which you can don your tweed jacket and make a real entrance, why wouldn’t you buy one?


Make an Entrance in the Office

A tweed jacket is not something that needs to be worn constantly. Think of it as accent piece. Pairing your jacket with a fitted shirt and skirt will add to the overall ensemble and create a style all of your own. Tweed is available in a variety of styles and colours such as this lush tweed tab collar jacket, so choosing the right one is important. Making sure that your colours complement each other is the first step to a successful outfit. Try to make your tweed jacket the statement piece within your overall outfit and you will impress both your colleagues and your clients.


On a Lunch Date

Once you’re out of the office you are free to have a little fun. Play up a dark tweed jacket with some bright colours to create a fun and exciting style. Try to work with blocks of colours such as mustard and cobalt blue, which make an eye-catching combination with combined with your jacket. For a more sophisticated look - perhaps an early evening meal – go for an all-black ensemble with a dark tweed jacket matched with a black leather bag and black leather ankle boots.


A Stroll in the Park

There’s nothing quite like an early Sunday morning walk with a crisp freshness still in the air and the dew still visible on the grass. The perfect occasion to wear your tweed jacket. Not only will your jacket keep you wonderfully warm, it will also keep you wonderfully stylish. This type of activity invites you to wear something comfortable and simple with your jacket. A pair of flat leather boots, a warm jumper and a pair of skinny jeans will work perfectly for this look will be comfortable enough you to wear all day long – or as long as you’re walking for.


An Evening Get Together

If you are heading out for the evening then layering your clothes is a great idea. If you are wearing a coloured tweed jacket and matching it with the tweed skirt or shorts then breaking up the colour and pattern with a statement piece is a great, eye-catching look. If you are wearing a brighter tweed, pairing it with dark or black outfit will make it stand out. If your tweed is more monochrome then adding a bright, colourful top will have the same effect. Tweed is incredibly versatile style and can be worn in a number of different ways.


An Afternoon of Shopping

Mixing and matching tweed is the perfect way to get a casual but is also very stylish. You may want to complement your tweed jacket with a pair of tweed shorts or a tweed pleated skirt. This is a great look the winter when worn with black tights and boots, but works just as well in the summer. If you prefer to only wear one piece of tweed pairing of jacket with some lights denim shorts, tights and tall riding boots will create a fun and casual look of any shopping trip.


So now that you know tweed a suitable for almost any occasion, isn’t it time you went out and bought that statement piece for your wardrobe?



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