5 Fashionable Ways to Wear Tweed

5 Fashionable Ways to Wear Tweed


At The Spanish Boot Company, it is no secret that tweed is one of our all-time favourite materials. The classic nature of tweed makes one think of long country walks on blissful sunny days or layered up on those fresh autumn mornings. However we think it is a shame that some ladies only think to wear it for these occasions. Tweed has a very versatile look that can be incorporated into a whole host of different outfits. It has dominated the AW14 catwalk this year, thanks to celebrities such as Kate Middleton, Miranda Kerr and Ann Hathaway sporting the look. We thought we would put together a helpful guide on how to wear it fashionably in a number of different ways.

 Tweed at the AW14 Catwalk set the fashion world alight

Tweed was heavily featured on the AW14 catwalk.


Keep It Timeless (but with an edge)

 Invest in good quality tweed that fits. This will be the best thing you can do to have that timeless tweed look.

Ladies get tweed wrong by buying cheap and ill-fitting pieces. Investing in good quality clothing is a must to make tweed look chic and flattering. At the Spanish Boot Company we only use the very best, fashion-forward designers who live and breathe tweed.  The key to updating the look of tweed and making it look modern is to buy pieces that have a little “edge.” We just love this military style tweed jacket by Liberty Freedom. It features purple trim which makes the coat look very current whilst still sticking to timeless style.


Wear It In Your Hair

 Tweed can be worn in your hair to great affect

If you do not want to wear a full tweed coat then perhaps a hair accessory is a quick and easy way to incorporate this trend into your style. This rose is a perfect example of how to use subtle tweed pieces to spice up your look.


With Bright Accessories

 Tweed looks great with bright accessories

Tweed is traditionally in subtle colours. Many pieces are grey, green or brown. To give your tweed a different look then perhaps consider bright accessories to brighten up your style. Rich greens and reds work extremely well with every colour.

Go Mini

Mini skirts can really suit that tweed look

Wearing a distinct piece like a mini skirt can really give tweed a unique look. We love this floral skirt from Liberty Freedom which would look fantastic with a green tweed jacket. The matching jacket (pictured) is not strictly tweed! Yet is worth a mention as it is such a versatile piece. There are quite a few ways to wear it as the panel at the front is reversible with the pink brocade and the panel can be buttoned to either side.



Tweed Handbags

No woman is complete without a high quality tweed bag

A tweed handbag means you can carry this look around with you, wherever you go! The one pictured is by designer Emma Cornes who makes quality tweed handbags at very affordable prices. The one pictured is from her “Kirsty” range. Just look how fabulous it looks with those leather boots!


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