How to clean men’s polo boots

High quality men’s polo boots are designed to handle all types of wear and tear that come from being worn and loved. For the best quality you want them to be made of an extremely sturdy leather. Our men’s polo boots at The Spanish Boot Company are completely weather-resistant. They do not let in any leaks from the rain. Therefore they provide the optimum in warmth, dryness and comfort.


However if you use and love your boots then you may find that dirt can build up extremely quickly. Not even the highest quality footwear can resist the build-up of dirt over time. Occasionally you may find that your men’s polo boots will need a good clean to keep them looking and feeling their best. Therefore we have put together this guide to help keep them up to a fantastic standard. If you dedicatedly follow our tips, you will keep the high quality leather in great shape.


Our instructions on how to clean men’s polo boots:

  • Dampen the softest cloth that you can find into a bowl of lukewarm, clean water. Wipe away any obvious dust, dirt or other build-up on the polo boots with the soft cloth.


  • Now you need to make a cleaning solution to help get the rest of the dirt off. The best solution we have found is to mix equal parts of white vinegar and lukewarm, clean water. Dampen a different soft cloth with this solution and carefully dab in onto the Polo boot to remove any stains. Take a dampened rag, and go over the polo boots with fresh water to remove any residue of the vinegar as this must be cleaned thoroughly.


  • Apply a professional leather cleaner for any stubborn stains on the polo boots that are refusing to come out. All of these products are available at leather and shoe retailers. These products work very well to penetrate into the leather polo boots and remove tough stains. Wipe it on carefully in thin layers with a soft cloth.


  • Allow the polo boots to air dry away from direct heat sources such as radiators or heat blowers. The direct heat can make the leather dry out and crack. Ruining the look of your boots.


  • The last and the most important step. Whenever you strip or wash leather it is essential that you put moisture back into the polo boots. The easiest way to do this is to condition the boots with leather conditioner or mink oil. Only do this when the boots are completely dry. The best technique is to rub the conditioning oil into the leather polo boots with a soft cloth. Be sure to wipe away any excess conditioner with a clean, soft cloth. After all the excess oil is removed, buff with the same cloth to obtain a polished look. Again it is important to let the boots air dry and not put them need a heated source at this point.


If you would like further reading then this resource on further tips on cleaning leather may also help you. We hope that you have found our tips for keeping you men’s polo boots clean very useful. 


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