Look after your Spanish Riding Boots and YOUR feet!

Well I have been testing out our insoles now that I am back outdoors with the horses - yey! I am really impressed with the thermal ones they look a bit odd but work really well. The science part is that the aluminium blocks the cold away from your foot anyway they seem to work and the fleece ones are more snuggly!

So the insoles are my suggestions for looking after your feet and the Sno-seal and wax are my suggestions for looking after your Spanish Riding Boots!

The Sno-seal is a waterproofing beeswax so will give the leather a good layer of protection to keep them waterproof. The wax is good to keep the leather water resistant this you have to apply regularly it works incredibly well and can be used on  most leather...

The other little tip I have for you is good old Sunflower Oil especially on the wax finish it nourishes the leather, evens up the tone really good and inexpensive! I tend to clean the dirt off with damp cloth, oil them and then apply the wax...



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