Riding Boots: Practical or Fashionable?

Here at The Spanish Boot Company, we often get asked if our country boots are for practical use or for styling purposes? If we told you BOTH would you believe us?

Our Spanish riding boots are completely functional for the country girl, the outdoor adventurer and the equestrian! Equipped with special features that allow unrivalled comfort, movement and durability through the thick and thin, our quality footwear is perfect, if not essential, for all your wonderful outdoor activities. What’s more, our leather boots are beautifully handcrafted and sourced from the quaint but vibrant Spanish town of Valverde del Camino. In a vast variety of colours, styles, lengths, heights, functions and accessories - our boots are incredibly versatile for wear here, there and



Where do we start? First of all, our boots are all made of genuine leather - leather is an essential material that has been used throughout history by almost every culture countable due to it’s durability, wearability and comfort. Leather is a fabric of strength; it wears well, ages well, is easily treated and flexible for easy manoeuvrability - and it won’t peel or crack. Leather breathes, it allows air to pass through and keeps everything balanced and neutralised, meaning our boots are water resilient (if treated correctly), resistant to dry abrasion and won’t be tormented by fungus or dust mites!

With time leather becomes more flexible - it doesn’t take long to break in (meaning it’ll be far comfier to endure longer, more strenuous tasks!) and eventually molds to the wearers feet and movement. Goods and products made of the magic fabric can usually last up to (and over) around 10 years, meaning that your Spanish leather boots will be an investment piece that will last.

Besides the fabric of the boot, there is the sole to consider. Most of our boots have Good-year welted rubber soles, which means the outer perimeter of the shoes is lined with a strip of rubber and insulated with cork for breathability, comfort and protection. The great thing about Good-year welting is that the soles and heels can be easily replaced and resoled if it incurs damage or wear - so they can potentially last even longer!



Leather is the new black. Or the old black. Or just simply on a par with the timeless colour; leather is seen year after year on the catwalks, in campaigns and has never been out of style (the future looks bright too!) so as well as being a classic footwear fabric, it’s aesthetics never tire either. Leather is also often seen as a symbolic material for success, luxury, wealth, reputation/status and someone who values quality - characteristics desired by most in this competitive industry! But at the forefront of its desirability is its ability to age and wear, yet still look incredibly authentic.

Our Spanish leather boots have the style impact that all leather shoes harness due to their refined and sought-after fabric, but that’s just the basics. Our designs are often decorated with embossings, laser cuts, embroidered stitching, buckles, studs, zips and tassels - all to make them more unique and wholesome! With the combinations of accessories, detailing and the leather itself, you can go from biker badass to elegant equestrian in a heartbeat.


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