How to Wear our Valverde Jodhpur Boots

Chelsea, Jodhpur, Elf, Ankle boots…call them what you will but never underestimate their short cut design - after all the greatest things usually come in the smallest packages! Our Jodhpur boots have travelled all the way from Valverde, Spain and although originally used as riding boots for horse riders, you’ll no doubt find them in every fashion store on the high street. Because of their versatility and wearability, our little boots are an iconic and essential part of every trend-led woman’s wardrobe - whether they know about their equestrian origins or not!


The Jodhpur boot was first introduced in the Victorian era and its design is accredited to J. Sparkes-Hall; Queen Victoria’s shoemaker. The design was patented as an ‘Elasticated Ankle Boot’ and soon became extremely popular for outdoor activities including walking and riding - the perfect pair of country boots.


The idea of having an elasticated gusset meant that the boot could easily be put on and removed - the ease and accessibility became a distinguished style in the late 1940s. The ankle boots then became symbols of fashion in the ‘50s and ‘60s when bands such as The Rolling Stones wore them in London - possibly why they are also known as Chelsea boots.


The design has a rounded toe and a low heel, occasionally fastened with zips, straps and buckles - however, today they are generally found with elasticated sides for a simple ‘slip-on slip-off’ and a fabric loop on the back for gripping to ensure this motion is an easy ‘on-off’ transaction!


It’s hard to go wrong with such a multifaceted shoe; from skinnies to skirts, dresses and genders (both men and women can enjoy the Jodhpur) but our colourful collection of suede jodhpur boots could be overwhelming when it comes to deciding how to style such vibrancy. Usually we promote our footwear as active country wear, however, today we want to show you how our outdoor boots can be worn fashionably indoors too!


So we’ve come up with a short list of some of our more difficult to style shades and how to wear them on the days you want to show off your style savvy self as oppose to your hill hiking, horse riding and terrain trekking you may usually opt for!


The Lady in Red

Was it Miss Scarlett with a candlestick in the library? Although red is seen as a daring statement for most, there needn’t be any qualm on whether you are audacious enough to pull it off. The general rule for wearing a colour so fiery is to keep other outfit elements in complimentary neutral tones, for example a little black dress or a taupe two piece - and always match your bag to the colour of the boot, keeping the vibrancy in good balance.





A Deeper Shade of Blue

Cobalt is an electrifying shade that like red, must be worn with attention to detail! Picture this: black cigarette pants, a crisp white shirt, a black cape draped across your shoulders, these striking bad boys and a matching oversized suede clutch bag. Instant glamour, formal taste (or age appropriate as we say!) and an eye-catching pop of incredible colour that you could take to a dinner date, a fancy bar, a full day shopping or a slick city break





  A Deeper Shade of Blue

…But is it? With these gorgeous olive Jodhpur boots the only thing greener than the grass will be the eyes of admirers! Designed with contrasting elasticated sides for an extra colourful quirk, these Chelsea boots can be easily styled with a similarly earthy palette of browns, beiges, greys, creams and of course black. Imagine wearing a pair of grey skinny tapered trousers, slouchy cream turtle neck jumper and a long olive trench coat with our olive jodhpurs. 








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